Fira’s Galatia Villas

Monday, February 22, 2016

For our Santorini accommodations, Tin and I decided to try 2 hotels – 1 within our budget and another splurge one for our birthdays. We tried Galatia Villas in Fira for our budget accommodations.

Triple Room (P2627 per night)
With ferry transfer but no free breakfast

Our bathroom was as tiny as our Artemoula’s bathroom. It was quite challenging but at least it had a shower curtain, something Artemoula’s didn’t have.

The room was dark but spacious. It gave us more than enough space to unload our belongings.

We had a small table outside our room where we enjoyed breakfast.

Galatia Villas had an inviting pool but it was too cold for a dip. During our time in Santorini, the wind was picking up.

Our Fira home was technically 2 streets parallel to the main commercial area. According to Google Maps, Galatia Villas was 290 meters and a 10 minute walk. I’ve learned to under estimate Google Maps. That walk was a longer than what was projected but was not as hilly as Mykonos. If you don’t like walking, it would be better to book accommodations near the commercial area.

I can’t really rate the staff because I interacted with them minimally. At night, there’s no one at the front desk to assist you so it’s best to do your requests during the day. The Galatia Villas team did however give us a 2013 Santorini calendar as a souvenir which I found utterly sweet.

We would sometimes eat at the commercial center or take out our meals. I really have nothing to complain about Galatia Villas but the walk was challenging at times. There were moments of tiredness and enduring the walk wasn’t fun. You will pass by a lot of convenience stores along the way which is good because you don’t have to lug your groceries around.

Galatia Villas
Fira, Santorini, Greece 84700
+30 22860 24524; +30 22860 24522; +30 6974 811 110

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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