Fantastic dinner at Imerovigli’s Mezzo

Thursday, March 10, 2016

When we asked for food recommendations in Santorini, Mezzo’s named was mentioned several times by the locals. We almost lost hope because it took us time to find this restaurant in the maze that is the Caldera.

Want to find out why we utterly rave about our birthday dinner at Mezzo? 

Feta cheese with sesame crust, honey and paprika (€8)
Tin and I gorged on feta on this trip. Whether it was part of the signature Greek salad or on its own, we had it. This seems like a peculiar combination but the 3 elements produced a party in your mouth. The salty and soft texture of the feta worked impeccably well with the sweetness of the honey and crunchy texture of the sesame crust. It was not like anything I’ve tried before. 

Penne with broccoli, chicken and basil (€13)

Pasta with shrimps, red sauce and saffron (€14.5)

 I forgot to get the name of this dish, sorry!

You see, everything we ordered was fantastic. No dish paled in comparison to the other because they were all on the same level. Each creation was meticulously made with different flavor profiles and textures. Mezzo also used only the freshest and best ingredients in their dishes – you could taste the difference. It was simply amazing.

The photos may not do justice to how fantastic this meal was but trust me, it truly was. I don’t have a lot of photos of the restaurant either because I was enjoying the moment. It was a great way to celebrate our birthdays!

I would suggest making a reservation before going because they were full. They were only able to accommodate us because we left early. Try to go during sunset because Mezzo has a view of the ocean.  Oh, the host will charm the pants off you. Be warned – in a good way of course. Oh these European men. 

Mezzo Restaurant
Imerovigli, Greece

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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