Head to Taverna Elia for sumptuous Greek food in Fira

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Before embarking on our Fira adventure, Tin and I asked for restaurant recommendations from the receptionist of Galatia Villas. Taverna Elia was one of the recommendations and I’m glad we went there.

As you walk through the tiny aisles of the commercial area, Taverna Elia is located on one of the aisles leading to the main road making it easy to find. I was surprised at how big the restaurant was. Based on the signage, it looked like a tiny place but as you go up the staircase a larger dining area on the second floor is revealed.

The next day, we were treated rudely at a restaurant that will not be named which was also recommended to us. Hungry and frustrated, Tin and I instantly thought of going back to Elia for lunch.

Fish Souvlaki (€8, approximately P720)

Braided Pasta with Basil, Lemon and Olives (€8, approximately P480)

Unfortunately I was not able to take down the names and prices of the dishes we ordered during lunch. Sorry!


At an average of P600 per head, it may look pricey but that’s the usual rate of sit down restaurants there. Tavenra Elia had 2 distinct and equally inviting charms during the day and at night. It had a pleasing and cozy feel when the sun hit it and an intimate vibe at night. I truly enjoyed my meals at Taverna Elia. Great food plus good service = a glowing recommendation.

Taverna Elia
M. Danezi, Fira 84 700, Greece
+30 2286 023165

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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