Artemoula's Studios in Mykonos

Monday, March 10, 2014

For our island accommodations, it was usually a choice between near the beach or the city center. Mykonos was our first stop in our island hopping trip. Artemoula's Studios came highly recommended from my friend Juni who stayed there a few years back. Truth be told, I didn't research as intensively as I normally do because of her glowing review so I ended up booking here.

Artemoula's Studios is 4-5 km from Mykonos town and walking distance to a few beaches. Since we forgot to coordinate with the hotel for transportation options, we waited for quite some time at the port for a taxi which cost us 20 Euros.

Our first impression of the inn was exhausting; we hauled our bags up the inclined driveway and up several flights of stairs. It proved to be a preview of our walking experience on the island.
We booked a double room for 40 Euros but the room given to us was a triple room. The room change gave us more space. The bright interiors partially made up for the grueling climb up.
What a wonderful sight to wake up every morning to this - our balcony. We enjoyed several meals on the balcony.
I hit a disappointing speed bump when I saw how tiny the bathroom was and the lack of a shower curtain. This made baths challenging.
The inn's property was rather massive. The outdoor area with a mixture of lounge beds and chairs was great for hanging out.
They also have an internet room with 2 laptops guests can use. 

On our whole trip, this was the only pool we took a refreshing dip in. I didn’t swim that long because it became colder.
We didn't go out as often as we would normally do because of the trek to and from the inn. Once we returned, we just wanted to stay in. There is a supermarket right up the road from Artemoula's called Aggeleki so that's a good thing. The bus stop is also at the market.
This is the view of Artemoula's Studios from the road at night.
The inn doesn't have a restaurant which is a common practice in the islands. The restaurants near the inn were located near Plati Giaglos beach which meant prices were more expensive than in Mykonos Town.
Mykonos is one of the pricier islands like Santorini. For 40 Euros a night, we got a good deal. If only getting to and from were easier.
One thing we learned about Mykonos though, it’s a walking town. You will have to do a lot of walking to get around and this isn’t a flat island. Expect to walk around a lot in sandy terrain, uphill, downhill, and on perfectly made roads.

We had a wonderful stay at Artemoula's Studios despite the hiccups. If you’re ready to walk around and like to be near the beach, Artemoula’s Studios is a good fit.

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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Artemoula's Studios
Plati Gialos (Plati Yialos), Mykonos

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