2013 Birthday Trip Itinerary: Greece, Italy and Frankfurt

Monday, December 02, 2013

I don't normally write a post breaking down my itinerary but people asked for it. Here's what my vacation looked like:

1: Flight to Athens
2-3: Athens
4: Travel to Mykonos (6 hour ferry)
5-6: Mykonos
7: Travel to Naxos (1 hour 30 minute ferry)
8: Naxos
9: Travel to Santorini (2 hour ferry)
10-11: Santorini (birthday!!!)
12: Travel to Athens (5 hour 45 minute ferry)
13: Travel to Rome (2 hour 15 minute flight – Aegan Airlines)
14-15: Rome
16: Travel to Florence (1 hour 31 minute train)
17-18: Florence
19: Travel to Verona (1 hour 47 minute train)
20-21: Verona
22: Travel to Frankfurt (1 hour 25 minute flight - Air Dolomiti)
23: Frankfurt
24: Travel to Manila

Phew! This is my longest trip to date. Before this, my longest trip was 7 days in Batanes and Singapore. The Italy leg happens to be my first time alone. There will be a lot of posts in the next couple of months about the trip. Guys, 24 days of material so I hope you understand why it's taken me so long to write about it. I also need to sift through over 4,000 photos and 100 videos. Haha

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  1. Is this the same itinerary you gave as a schengen visa requirement? 😊

    1. Hi Ella! Actually no. I decided to visit Frankfurt after my visa was approved because the friend who was supposed to join me in Verona couldn't make it anymore. So I decided to visit her instead. :)


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