Kaladkarin in Filipino means to drag. It also means “to take anywhere” and usually attached to last minute “take anywheres.” Haha 

I’m no expert but I’m a pimp (read: I share what tidbit I learn or adore). This is a lifestyle blog of a Pop Culture Sponge looking for a platform to spread my brand of fluff, food, design, fashion, travel, etc. These are my opinions and this is my home in cyberspace.

Feel free to spread the love. This is a place for pimpin' and sharing. Welcome to my adventures: “Dito ako kinaladkad....tara kakaladkarin ko naman kayo.”
Ang kaladkarin. Bow.

About Rica
A producer, online marketing consultant, and entrepreneur by profession, Rica is an over-packing pop culture sponge with a penchant for food, travel, fashion and everything lifestyle related. Though often mistaken for a foreigner (Hey Joe!), she's proudly Pinay.

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