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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This year I realized I’m an ice cream/gelato girl. Make me choose between cake or ice cream and I’d go for the cold treat 7 out of 10 times. When I saw Scoop of Art on Nix’s FB profile, I was jealous. I wanted to try this gelato place. Their products all looked delicious and the place had a comfortable ambiance. I knew I COULD NOT leave Singapore without trying their gelato.

Scoop of Art showcases the 2 loves of the owners, art and gelato. I love that the kids, teens and kids at heart in Singapore have a wholesome and positive place to hang out.

You get to satisfy your sweet tooth and unleash your creative juices. Scoop of Art has an assortment of activities that everyone can enjoy. They have art kits you can use and purchase to create your own shirt, make a batik painting, design your own umbrella, make a wood model, color a mug and so much more. It is a conducive atmosphere for families and groups to enjoy and bond.

Now let’s go to my favorite part of the place – the Gelato! They have over 60 flavor creations but only have 18 displayed at a time on rotation. They have the usual flavors like Pistachio and Dark Chocolate as well as memorable original creations like Brownies and Butterscotch and Persian Strawberry.
Premium Flavors: S$3.80 (small); S$4.80 (medium); S$5.80 (large)
Regular Flavors: S$3.20 (small); S$4.20 (medium); S$5.20 (large)

Mango + Raspberry
These 2 flavors together were a good combination as well. The Mango was not to sweet or sour but the Raspberry was very sour just like candy. The Mango gelato help balance the acidity of the Raspberry. 

Mint Chocolate + Dark Chocolate
If you’re a Mint Chocolate lover you will fall head over heels for Scoop of Art’s version. The mint powered its way to my palette making its presence felt, exactly how I like my Mint Chocolate. The Dark Chocolate gelato will give you up a night dreaming of its goodness. This gelato is generously rich, you can’t help but close your eyes in happiness when devouring it. 

Mars and Sea Salt + Apple Cinnamon
It doesn’t look like it but this is actually 2 flavors. The Mars chocolate bar doesn’t rate that high in my chocolate book but to add it with sea salt is new adventure all together. It is a fabulous example of how mixing sweet and salty items should be done. The Apple Cinnamon tasted so fresh and real, it made me think like I was eating an actual apple. I usually love this combination on almost anything and Scoop of Art did not disappoint.

Scoop of Art is so amazing it deserved a solo post. I’ve had some luscious ice cream and gelato in the past and Scoop of Art joins my group of must-try ice cream/gelato places. I cannot stop raving about it cos up to now, I’m still yearning for its deliciousness. I want you baaaaad!

What ice cream/gelato place has elicited this much glee from?

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez and Nix Sionosa.

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Here's where you can stay in Singapore

Scoop of Art
278 Marine Parade Road, #01-03, Singapore, Singapore 449282

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  1. If you find yourself in SG, I highly recommend Scoop of Art! Talagang must try. =)


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