Singapore Shopping Spot: USS’ the Dark Room

Thursday, January 05, 2012

For every section of Universal Studios, you’ll find a souvenir shop that matches that section. I completely and utterly fell in love with Hollywood’s the Dark Room! I’ve already mentioned the spot in my heart for production so this store was heaven.

I wanted to buy so much from this store but I was neither a director nor an actress; I was a producer! If they had “Producer” merchandise ay kaloka! You would have had to drag me out. So perhaps it was a blessing? 

Oscar anyone?

 There is so much to obsess over!

 Action pouches, laptop sleeve and bag. My gosh…I’m so tempted to get one! Ahk. I’m sorta regretting not getting the bag.

Honorable Mention: shot glass from Madagascar
My Mom collects shot glasses and if I may say so, this is quite a unique addition to the collection. 

Honorable Mention: This “thing” from Far Far Away (S$12.99)
For the purpose of this entry, let’s call it a bottle. Haha I don’t know what exactly it’s called but we saw this bottle early on during our visit. When we did our rounds of all the sections of USS, we went back to Far Far Away because we couldn’t imagine ourselves leaving the park without it. It’s just an endearing bottle that comes with a lanyard so you can troll along with it, hands free. The adult in me spoke; it actually makes for an awesome drinking bottle! Pour in the juice, the alcohol, shake vigorously and you have yourself a perfect mix of juice for adults.

Idiot little me, I was too concerned with the prices to buy anything! Granted they are quite expensive but it was my birthday! I should have gotten something special beside the bottle from Far Far Away.

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez.

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  1. love your post sis!i'm so jealous about that adorable potion bottle!!!i also regretted not buying a particular USS bag from this store too...huhuhu

  2. Thanks Kaye! I think marami tayong Filipino relatives and friends sa SG or papuntang SG na makakapagpabili ka soon! =)

  3. Parang ang saya naman mag shopping jan! And oh, the potion bottle! COOL THING!

  4. Hi Renz! Thanks for passing by. Napakasarap magshopping dyan! Haha And the potion bottle brings out the kid in me and my cousin. =)


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