Feel like a Kid at Universal Studios Singapore

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I didn’t grow up experiencing theme parks. I’ve only enjoyed one – our very own, Enchanted Kingdom. Looking back, I didn’t feel like I missed out on that. If I went to one, cool. If I didn’t it was cool too. You know what I mean?

Universal Studios Singapore was a non-negotiable must for me. It was still under construction in 2009 when I first visited the country so when I found out it was opening, I knew I HAD to go.

This is how excited I was.
Rica: Nix, may gusto akong gawin na matagal ko nang hindi ginagawa. (Nix, I want to do something that I haven’t done in a long time.)
Nix: *feels a bit scared…what could it possibly be??* Ano? (What?)
Rica: Mag cartwheel! (Do a cartwheel!)
Nix: *relieved!* Ok!
Weekday tickets are lower than weekend tickets. Before buying, check with USS if they have any promos. We were lucky because during our visit Mastercard holders had a 20% on tickets plus a S$10 voucher you can use inside the park. Our S$66 ticket was reduced to S$52.80 instead. Also, it is best to arrive early. The park closes at 7PM – way too early if you ask me. 

USS is considerably smaller than its Western siblings but I’m ecstatic to experience my second theme park, yay! It is divided into several areas and most of you already know what’s in it. So brace yourself for a photo heavy post!


I am a product of the production world so anything to do with film, television or video has a soft spot in my heart.


Kids will jump up and down when they reach this section. There’s the Madagascar ride which is a condensed version of the movie and if you’re lucky you get to watch the penguins dance to “I Like to Move It Move It” live!

Far Far Away

I am a Shrek fan so visiting this “country” was pretty awesome! Also, make sure to watch Shrek in 4D. It is the best 3D/4D experience I ever had!

Oh and I got my favorite souvenir from here too!

The Lost World

Nix warned me about getting drenched at the Jurassic Park ride. I came prepared, I borrowed Owee’s raincoat to bring with me on this trip. Lo and behold, the ride was closed. Sadness…

Ancient Egypt

You NEED to ride the Mummy. Nuff said. This part of the park gives you more reason to pose for photos but be warned; the tall man will run after you. Haha

Sci-Fi City

We literally just passed this area. Besides Battleship Galatica, we didn’t do much here.

New York

We spent a lot of time in the Big Apple where you can catch the dancers by the Palace Theater. This section also houses Steven Spielberg’s “Lights Camera Action”. It’s not a ride but a quick peek into how movies are made. As a film student, I had an amazing time here. 

USS made me feel like a kid again! I gleefully waited in line for my turn at the different rides, semi stalked some of the performers and had photo taken. I also wanted to score a lot from their souvenir store which will be shown in my SG shopping posts. Teehee Any opportunity to have fun and act crazy is a plus in my book.

USS was definitely one of the highlights of this Singapore trip, YEHEY!!!

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez.

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  1. I totally love this post!!!We were just here last week and I can feel the energy through your post. Thank you!

  2. Hi Kaye, thank you for passing by. Your comment made me smile! Did you enjoy USS as much as I did?? =)

  3. hmmm.... mukhang challenging ang rollercoaster ng USS ah! =)


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