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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Before I share my stories from my “Bratty Birthday” celebration, I’d like to share some things that made my Singapore trip smoother.

Without question having family or friends in Singapore is an advantage. My cousin Nix definitely is part of this list. Not only did she house us, she took terrific care of us. However, not everyone is lucky to have a “Nix” on the trip.

Oh, did I mention my sister Rissa was with me on this trip?
Where Singapore – Your Essential Singapore Guide
My other cousin Paola was in Singapore 2 months before my trip. She lent me her copy of Where Singapore and was raving about it. After reading through it, I was ecstatic – this is exactly what I needed and wanted.

Where Singapore contains a year round calendar of events in Singapore, shopping areas, eating places, activities to do in the country and suggested itineraries. Among everything the guide had to offer, I loved the itineraries! It made planning so much easier. Each itinerary had recommended sites to visit and even a time frame.

Since I pretty much did most of the itineraries, my next step was to figure out a way to get around the Lion City.

This website is THE BEST! The efficiency and precision of Singapore’s transportation system make possible, it is a godsend! The website enables you to navigate easily throughout the country.
When you’ve chosen your point A and B destinations, GoThere.Sg will give you (1) the modes of transportation to get there, (2) the cost and (3) the time frame of your travel. Isn’t that amazing?

Despite these tools we still got lost. One tip I can share when taking the bus, take note of the bus stop before YOUR bus stop. The bus only stops at a station if (1) a commuter is flagging him down or (2) if a passenger presses the button signaling the driver of his/her point of departure.

Use these tools wisely when visiting the Fine City of Singapore and you’ll have less headaches plus a more pleasant experience.

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Here's where you can stay in Singapore


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