My Singapore Shopping Haul: Little India, Chinatown and Bugis Street

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

* Disclaimer, I'm being an irresponsible blogger because this post still lacks some photos. Eeeeepp....Please bear with me lovelies! =) Real world work + balikbayans in town have been keeping me busy. Thankie! =)

Since my eyes were set on the F1 race during my first Singapore trip, would you believe I just bought pasalubongs and didn’t buy anything for myself in Little India or Bugis? I was dumbfounded; I did not understand how I could let this happen! Haha

Chinatown is known for 3 things: food, architecture and shopping. I didn’t buy much here but got engrossed in the architecture instead. My pasalubong list was rather short so I was only able to score a few things here.

Different little knick knacks (1 for S$2 - approximately P68, 3 for S$5 - approximately P170)

Tourist tee (S$10 – approximately P340)
My Dad is the easiest person in the family to buy a pasalubong for because he loves destination t-shirts. I try my best to find the coolest ones when on vacation.

Little India

Little India is a treat for all of your senses. I enjoyed the colorful streets and wares on display in the area. It is also a treasure trove for spices.

Fine Mixture Spicy and Muruku (1 for S$4 - approximately P136, 3 for S$10 - approximately P340)
These 2 are spicy Indian snacks whose herbs and flavors instantly explode in your mouth. I remember loving the Muruku and planned to hoard to bring back home. I was surprised that when I was munching on these in Manila, my love shifted to the Fine Mixture instead. The delicate strips of this snack was perfect for popping in your mouth and proved to be a good addition to meals as well. My Dad would add the Fine Mixture to noodle dishes and soups adding a crunchy texture to the dishes.

3 bundles of bangles (S$10 approximately P340)
In 2009, I bought bangles for some of my friends and I regretted not buying for myself. My love for blue reigns and is evident in my picks.

Bugis Street

I liken Bugis Street to our very own Greenhills. It’s a shopper’s haven filled with local designers and affordable items from shoes, clothes, bags and even sex toys. Haha The prices aren’t as cheap as Bangkok though but Bugis is one of the cheaper shopping places in Singapore.

Watches (S$5 – approximately P170)
We have P100 and P150 watches being sold in Divisoria and Greenhills here in Manila and I used to buy at least 1 watch whenever I went to these places.  Apparently, I haven’t out grown this since I bought a couple in Bugis. Paola came home with a couple of nice watches and those designs were exactly what I got. We cousins have the same taste. Haha

Belts (3 for S$10 – approximately P340)
The stall where I got this from had so many different types of belts in various colors. My skinny belts are just brown and black and I wanted to expand that collection. Luckily, I was able to find these beautifully hued belts that in coincidentally UAAP colors – my Animo Lasalle green belt and my fave color in Ateneo blue.

Dress (S$10 – approximately P340)
Photo - with my Blonde Fish partner, Owee!
The thing about Bugis is, most of the shops won’t allow you to fit their clothes. Paola was the one who tipped me about the S$10 dresses. She was able to buy a lot but I only got this one. The other dresses were priced higher or the store owner didn’t allow fittings which I didn’t like. 

Reversible Sheer Shirt (S$10 – approximately P340)
I saw this reversible shirt and was astonished with the simple concept of the reversal top. I instantly imagined the outfits I could use this top with. Not only that, it would make for a great top for traveling. Though I would still need to check how it fairs against wrinkles.

When it comes to shopping, I was able to find a few pieces in Singapore but if you want to go all out – Bangkok still gets my vote hands down. 

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez, Nix Sionosa and Richard Yulo.  

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