Appreciating Singapore Architecture (1)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

During my first trip to Singapore, the F1 race dominated most of my time that I wasn't able to go around the normal tourist places. So for my 2nd visit, I really wanted to go on tourist mode. The problem with going to all touristy places is that I didn't have much new things to share with you guys! Haha So, I’ve decided to clump them all instead. Teehee

Commercial before sharing starts. It felt surreal being able to walk on the actual track I watched 2 years ago. I loved it.

Back to programming! 

Y’all probably know by now that I like walking. Singapore has a myriad of infrastructures and sites that make for good walking tours. I’m not very good at taking photos of architecture and used to hate it. I’m happy to say that these days instead of hating architecture, I’ve felt more challenged to shoot it instead. Take a walking trip around Singapore with me!

Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Area

Besides being known for shopping, this area contains 3 of the most iconic structures in Singapore: The Esplanade, The Merlion and the newest kid on the block the Marina Bay Sands.

Any person with a sound mind should include this in your itinerary. For culture sponges, the Esplanade’s calendar is filled to the brim with different concerts, plays and shows. The Esplanade sparkles at night.

Initially, I didn’t want to go to MBS because it’s saturated with expensive stores I don’t want to shop in. I’m glad I was able to stroll in the area because I appreciated the buildings and lines the place had to offer. The Stores at MBS also positions itself as the go-to-place to experience world class food from celebrity chefs like Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Guy Savoy and so much more. Truth be told, I enjoyed this area because of one reason: I was able to score letters for Blonde Fish! Teehee

Oh and I beelined towards the Ferrari store. Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Forget about seeing MBS during the day with bad weather because it’s dull – sadness. We didn’t have great weather so we didn’t try trek to the MBS deck anymore.  We ended up waiting for the sun to set to see the marvelous area come alive. How alive? MBS has light show at night!

Can you visit Singapore without paying homage to the Merlion??? Well I kinda did in 2009 so I hated myself. I wanted a proper photo with the Singaporean icon. In fact when my cousin Nix asked what I wanted to do for this trip I immediately said “Magpapicture kay Merlion!!!” (Have a photo with the Merlion!!!) Mission Accomplished! Haha


They say that Chinatown looks the same all over the world. I beg to differ; Singapore’s version is waaaay cleaner, calmer and organized than Manila. Chinatown is a mandatory stop when in Singapore.

I just loved this building! I’m not a pink person perse but this building and shade spoke to me.

Besides the visual buffet, Chinatown is also known for its beautiful buildings, shopping and cheap food!

Different shops to buy herbs, Chinese products or to eat at.

Sri Mariamman Temple

We saw this temple in different spots in Singapore so my sister and I decided to peek inside. You have to remember 2 things before heading inside: (1) you have to take off your footwear and (2) you need to pay a fee to be able to use your camera.

To be honest, I didn’t like taking off my slippers! This wasn’t like the temples in Bangkok or Vietnam where you explored the insides of the temple; here we explored the outside without footwear. Diiiirty…Yes, I’m such a girl. Haha The temple was experiencing a face lift when we visited so it was a tad chaotic. We also feared stepping on some nails but thankfully we didn’t.

It was noon when we stepped into the temple so can you imagine me and my sister running with our tippy toes across the temples quad under the sun? Haha

Ann Siang Hill

Camille, Nix’s friend told us to make sure to pass by this quaint area if we’re in Chinatown. Ann Siang houses Singapore’s cool kids with a lot of boutique hotels and advertising firms calling this area home. It was a refreshing quiet hill tucked behind Chinatown away from the busy side streets.

It’s not surprising this is my FAVE building!

I love how the establishments have kept the architecture but decorated it to suit their own style.

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* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez.

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Here's where you can stay in Singapore

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Marina Bay Sands
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