Eat, See and Eat Photo Walk for November

Monday, December 12, 2011

The November photo walk seemed more like a waist expanding trip than a photo walk. Let me explain. The original November photo talk was supposed to be somewhere in Manila but due to scheduling problems with my friends, it’s been shelved for January. I wasn’t that bummed since it was just moved not cancelled. We’ve been looking forward to that trip for quite some time already.

I digress. 

Danix and I still had a coupon for Ba Noi’s which we hadn’t used so it was the perfect opportunity to visit Makati. Danix and I have a continuing love affair with Vietnamese food as a result of our trip there in 2010. We wanted to do more than one thing that day so I researched and came up with this itinerary: late lunch at Ba Noi’s, pass by Valerie Chua’s exhibit “Backyard of the Universe” and pass by Sophie’s Mom. For this month’s photo walk, I was joined by Danix and Berenice.

Ba Noi’s: the Fresh Flavors of Vietnam

I’ve been hearing great things about this restaurant so when the deal appeared, I had no qualms snagging it. We paid P445 for a P1084 meal which was described to be:
Your culinary journey for 2 persons will start with delicious spring rolls, followed by heavenly chicken noodle soups with mushrooms. Embark further and enjoy delicious stir-fried water spinach and a generously sized chicken in caramel sauce, along with steamed rice. And not to forget, 2 Vietnamese iced coffees are also included. Embark on this culinary journey to the flavors of Vietnam and enjoy a delicious 60% discount with today's MetroDeal.

Chicken in cellophane noodle soup with shitake mushrooms – split into 3 (P195)
The soup tasted more Filipino than Vietnamese. It also lacked a distinctive Vietnamese ingredient – the fresh zing flavor. Sorry, I can’t describe any further but that’s how it tasted. 

Pork, shrimp and vermicelli attractively rolled in rice paper served with our famous peanut sauce. (P200)
The fresh spring rolls weren’t part of the deal and for Danix and I, a Vietnamese meal is not complete without this. I was surprised that they were able to bring this out rather quickly. The waiter later on reveals that this dish was already pre-prepared. Oh lord, it felt like it. Once I bite into the fresh spring roll, the rice paper was already tough making eating it very challenging and not at all enjoyable. There was more vermicelli than anything else in this dish. 

A mixture of ground pork, shrimp, taro and black fungus wrapped and deep fried and served with fresh greens and traditional Nuoc Mam dipping sauce. (P190)
Their version of fried spring rolls was delicious and not at all oily. It was flavorful and outshined the fresh spring rolls.

I wasn’t able to get the name of this dish or the price but this was Berenice’s pick which wasn’t part of the voucher. The dish had more rice than pork but when you take in a spoonful of rice you’d be surprised to taste the juices of the pork embracing every morsel of rice. The easiest way to describe this dish is that it tasted like Tocino.

Aromatic earthy and tangy traditional stir-fried water spinach in garlic and Vietnamese seasoning. (P90)
Y’all know I’m not a big veggie eater but I kinda liked this one. The water spinach is wonderfully seasoned with garlic and butter which are 2 things I adore. 

Succulent chicken slowly cooked in a great combination of caramel sauce and coconut juice. (P240)

Vietnamese Hot Coffee (P55)
We should have printed out the description that was posted on the site. As you can read above, the deal includes 2 iced coffees but when we ordered the server said the deal only came with fruit shakes. It was a blessing in disguise since the mango shake proved to be a revelation. I love my caphe du but man their version was daaaaamn strong. 

Fresh Mango Shake (P50)
This is by far the best shake for P50 that I’ve ever tried. This delicious shake brings back summer with one sip. This is in fact the star of our whole meal.

We were thankful we got that voucher; if we paid full price for everything we would have been very disappointed. The food was not spectacular. If I wanted good Vietnamese food I would rather visit Pho 24 or even Pho Hoa. It didn’t help either that the server’s weren’t that friendly. They didn’t even notice us when we left the restaurant.

Backyard of the Universe Exhibit at Heima

I’ve been obsessing over water color paintings for the past couple of years and one blog hopping night, I chanced upon Valerie Chua’s blog. I would sporadically visit her blog from time to time and saw that she had an exhibit at Heima. The exhibit perfectly fit our plans for that day plus it also gave me a reason to explore LRI.

I saw her at the exhibit but was too shy to talk to her. Haha I like this style and in the future when I have a house, I would love to have a painting commissioned. For this part of the photo walk, the photos will speak louder than anything I can write.

Valerie’s works 
I feel at home at Heima. I fell in love with so many items!

You bet I will! This deserves a spot in my future house or office.

Several of her paintings are already sold! Do visit Heima to see her works and snag yourself a painting or two. Plus a chair or a bag from Heima. Haha

Sifra at LRI

There were only a few stores open after we visited the exhibit. I was magnetized by their window display and gleefully stepped in. The salesperson was in a good mood allowing us to shoot, making jokes with us and waited for us to finish before closing shop.

Sophie’s Mom

It was almost 7 PM when we left Sifra. We weren’t sure what time Sophie’s Mom closes so we took out our phones and let technology do the work. Danix used her phone to go online and find Sophie’s number, Berenice called the bakery using her phone and my phone had the map going to Sophie’s. Awesome! Haha Sophie’s Mom waited for us to arrive and snag couple of sugar laced coma inducing treats.

Different types of bread

Crème Brulee Cupcakes (P40 or P50)

Lemon Cupcakes (P40 or P50)

Mochi Ice Cream (P50)

Since the store was closing, I wasn’t able to snag a lot of photos and some goodies were sold out already.

As we made our way to the Ayala Center to catch the MRT and bus, we saw the Rustans store displays.


Thanks for the fun walk ladies! (It took FOREVER to get this shot! Haha)

Ba Noi's
G/F Greenbelt Mansions, Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati

Backyard of the Universe
Works by Valerie Chua
(the exhibit is open until December 20, 2011)
Heima, 2nd flr. LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia Street (Formerly Reposo), Bel-Air II, Makati

Sophie's Mom
8760 Santol St., San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati

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