Christmas Give List: For travelers

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Really. No really. Did you actually think I wouldn’t have a gift list for kaladkarins like me?? Granted that this year’s list is shorter than last year’s, I think I still managed to conjure up a good list.

Luggage Tags (P75) from Oh My Gifts

Notebooks (P153) from Shoppersville
I’m still a sucker for paper products. I don’t have one list dedicated to paper products this year but I still needed to include it in at least one of my lists. So what to do? Ah! Use these notebooks as a travel journal for your adventures and misadventures. 
DogRunner Bag (P375) from Zeal Carry Enterprises
My friend Bel and her sister recently launched this bag company. I know it’s called the Dog Runner Bag but because of the functionality of it, it would make for a good traveling bag as well.

Quit Your Job Tote (P300) from The One One Shop
Cove Bikini (P1580) Brown Belly
My friend Kage has been my poster girl for the beach and surf lifestyle. Her baby - Brown Belly features clothes and accessories that reflect that lifestyle perfectly. The print of this bikini is love. Hit the beaches of Coron, Guimaras, Mati or Sarangani in style with this bikini.
Headware (P240-390)
Besides being part of the company aside, I truly believe that the Headware is an remarkable addition to any traveler’s bag. It has so many uses that you’ll end up collecting them. If you don’t believe me, check out our FB page to read the experiences of our Happy Heads. I’m so happy that I have friends that love the product and attest to its durability and awesomeness.

OMG – Of My Gifts
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