Appreciating Singapore Architecture (2)

Thursday, December 01, 2011

* Visit Part 1 here.

Kampong Glam

Before going around the area, we paid our respects to the Sultan Mosque. We arrived during prayer and since we were pressed for time, we opted to take photos of the exterior only.

The back portion of Sultan Mosque with my sister. Thank god we had a tripod, lent to us by Nix!

A true story. I took the first photo and the owner calls my attention. “Excuse me, excuse me!” Oh no, I think I might be in trouble. Then he says “Smile!” to the 2 guys inside the shop and they do. Thus, the second photo! Haha

Gorgeous rugs and fabric adorn the streets! Loooove!

Various shaped baskets for the taking. Well, you have to pay for them first. Hehe

Paola again gave me a tip, visit Haji Lane. We did. You’ll get to read more about the place when I post my articles about shopping in Singapore.

Honorable Mention: Parkview Square

The Parkview Square is walk able from Kampong Glam and Bugis Street. It is majestic and during our trip we referred to it as “Gotham”. Duhba?? This building looks like it belongs to Batman’s hometown. Paola was able to explore its insides and reported that it is as spectacular but photography isn’t allowed.

Civic District

This area is another part of Singapore filled with buildings you can’t help but photograph. It also houses a lot of the government buildings and is considered the country’s Central Business District. This particular building is the Parliament House – it does look very stately. I honestly wish we had to explore the building but sadly we didn’t. 

Even the Old Parliament House is photo worthy.

As luck would have it 2 of the buildings I tremendously wanted to photograph, the Old Supreme Court and City Hall, were under renovation. Winner!

Singapore made up for it when we turned to St. Andrew’s Cathedral. With the gorgeous blue sky as its backdrop one can’t help but fall in love with this Church. Huba huba! Ain’t she stunning?

MICA: I saved the best for last!
Seriously, I mildly stalked this building after seeing it on a design website. I was dumb founded as to why I didn’t see it during my first trip??? I’ll stop babbling and let you marvel at the beauty of MICA (Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts).

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez.

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Here's where you can stay in Singapore

Parkview Square
North Bridge Road, Downtown Core, Singapore

Parliament House
1 Parliament Place, Singapore 178880

St. Andrew's Cathedral
11 St Andrew's Rd  Singapore 178959

Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts
140 Hill Street #02-02, MICA Building, Singapore 179369

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