Singapore Shopping Spot: Haji Lane

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nestled in the Kampong Glam area is a small street bustling with contemporary Singapore culture, step into Haji Lane. My Singapore tipster Paola also insisted that I visit this place since she thought it was something that would interest. Boy was she correct.

This street is lined with different Singaporean brands and retail shops. It has hints of the Philippines’ Cubao Expo. I really like the shops here in Haji Lane as well as in Ansiang. I love how they’ve kept the architecture but was able to personalize the space.

If I were a shop owner, I would love to open my space in an area like this. You really get a feel of Singapore along Haji Lane stripped of the international brands that have saturated the malls.
Do check out the Blogshop. Their store window display was effective; it made me want to enter.
They have bike shops, salons, a tattoo shop, bakery and so much more in Haji Lane.

If you enjoy slow shopping experiences, you’d enjoy visiting the different stores that the lane has to offer. Marvel at the hand crafted bags, beautifully made jewlery and other works of local artists at Haji Lane for a truly unique shopping experience in Singapore.

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez.

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  1. I'm visiting next week and I'm glad I found your site. Haji Lane looks amazing, will definitely go here :)

    1. Hi Lara, thanks for passing by. I hope you enjoy your visit! I had TOO much fun when I was there. Glad this post helped. =)


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