My Singapore Shopping Haul: Fair Price

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I like going to groceries here at home because I get to discover new things. I like being able to try out all these things which may or may not join my list of favorites. Groceries or even convenient stores abroad raise my level of fascination even higher. On our last full day in Singapore, we headed to Fair Price in Marine Parade to buy supplies for our last home cooked dinner in Singapore and for us tourists to explore.

I bought a couple of old faves I scored from the 2009 trip while adding some new finds to my cart.

Biore Nose Strips

Most of the ones I tried in the past didn’t deliver. I felt like the nose strip didn’t remove much. There are a lot of nose strips available here in the Philippines but the pulling power of Biore made me a believer! I tried it once in SG and was impressed with the results. You could really see the blackheads stick to the nose strip. And no, I have no plans of showing that strip here. Haha

Mi Sedap Instant Noodles

This continues to be my favorite instant noodles from Singapore. It’s spicy with a kick of saltiness in pancit canton-ish consistency. A definite must buy!

Maggi Curry Instant Noodles

As mentioned in the past, my threshold for spicy food is not high. I challenged that part of my palette when I was in Singapore trying to push the limits of my spiciness meter. The hot food we consumed during the trip made me yearn for more thus the curry instant noodle purchase. And daaaaaaym this Maggi curry is red hot spicy but I still liked it. Every spoonful of curry would be followed right away by water.

Dancing Chef Soups: Cream of Tomato, Cream of Chicken and Mushroom, Cream of Vegetable

While we were at Fair Price, this brand was giving free samples and we liked how it tasted. We got all 3 flavors and these soups are a good companion to lunch or dinner dishes.

What’s your favorite grocery find?

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez.

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  1. love ur photos of the ice cream! craving for the kitkat flavor tuloy ^_^

  2. Thanks Byaheng Barok! Ang fun kasi mag ikot sa grocery. Haha =)


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