Have you heard of Naxos Island?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When talk of the Greek Islands comes up, people immediately think of Santorini, Crete, Mykonos, and Ios. How in the world did I end up in Naxos then??? Our initial plan was to see Mykonos, Ios and Santorini. Ios is known for being a major party island. Tin isn’t much of a partier so we decided to find another island to hop on to. I googled for islands in between Mykonos and Santorini and Naxos won me over because of its beaches. Don’t worry; I have a beach battle post at the end of this series as well.

This was taken at the pier; can you see how clear and marvelous the water is??? That’s not even near any of the beaches we visited.

Naxos is another tourist island. It is much quieter than Santorini and Mykonos. It also has less inhabitants and visitors on the island giving off an unbelievable relaxed vibe. Locals here are friendlier than in Mykonos. Teehee

We were only here for 2 days. We prioritized visiting the town proper and the beaches over the other sites on the island. We didn’t even use a map during our stay. We roamed in 2 areas only – our hotel and the town proper.  As mentioned previously, I enjoyed long walks here because it wasn’t as hilly as Mykonos. That being said, my Pinas Havs died here! It was a good thing it happened while I was in the hotel fixing my things and not during our adventure. I found cheap slippers for €5 (approximately P300). I was unhappy with that find because it was like one of those slippers you would buy for P50-100! Haha The Havs here were priced double, it was ridiculous. No way was I buying slippers I know are half the price in Manila.

This is a typical sight in Naxos. I know it’s just laundry but it struck a chord with me.
I fell in love with our neighbor’s house!

One of the sites we wanted to see was the Kastro. We loitered around town only to find out it was closed. The Kastro is a medieval castle that has a Cathedral and 2 museums inside.
The town proper is littered with shops, restaurants and surprisingly – dessert places! Tin and I had a difficult time deciding which one to try.
The island is so laid back that a lot of the establishments are closed during the day – even for lunch!
We couldn’t stop taking photos!
I love this photo of Tin. She was already sick when this photo was taken but she looked refreshed and pretty.
Make sure to catch a sunset in Naxos.  I love how the warm hues of the sun wrap the town proper.
The town proper comes alive at night.

I fell in love with Naxos. I wish I had more time to explore the island. It was insane how many dessert shops lured us in but there were too much to try in two days! I also loved how chill the environment and the people were. I haven’t even shown you the beaches yet, OMG!!!

 Dear Naxos, you have my heart. Love, Rica

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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