Wear your Pinoy Pride

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I’m very proud to be Filipino. In 2008, I decided to wear something that proclaimed I was Filipino when I go abroad.

In 2008, I showed off my HS alma mater in Bangkok.

In 2009, I wore my (La Salle) green Collezione shirt during my F1 birthday trip in Singapore.

In 2010, I don’t know why I forgot about this tradition when I visited Ho Chi Minh. Sadness…

So this year, I really really wanted this Team Manila shirt (that will remain nameless) but I saw it just a few days before my flight and when I went to one branch they didn’t have my size. =( It was a good thing I bought my Pinas Havs so I brought that with me. I also used my Proud Manileña shirt from Greenhills again.

For my trip next year, I need to get another shirt to represent the Philippines! Booyah!

Do you wear or bring something with you that show off your Filipino-ness? 

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