My Mykonos Town Top 10

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Aretemoula's Studios is a good 4.6 kilometers from Mykonos Town. If I walked it, it would take at least an hour. There’s a bus heading to town near Aretemoula's driveway but it wasn’t on time. We waited 45 minutes for the bus to come.

I had a lot of photos of Mykonos Town and I had to dwindle it down to my favorite 10. That’s hard man! The town is picturesque; you will get your fill of blue and white Greece from the get go.

1. It is a labyrinth. That’s not a joke. Allow yourself to get lost in its little streets and marvel at its beauty.

2. There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in town. The ones near the beach are the most expensive ones. Enjoy the maze and when you find an place you like, go for it. You’re not sure if you’ll find it again. The BEST souvlaki is from Jimmy’s Souvlaki, try to find it when you visit.

3. As mentioned in number 2, the establishments along the shore are part of Mykonos’ “Little Venice”.

4. The beach offers stunning and clear turquoise waters!

5. It can get tricky if you want to swim in September because the beach is rocky and the waves were strong.

6. The shops here exude island life charm.

7. This is the simplest Louis Vuitton store I’ve ever seen. 

8. Make sure to find a good spot to take a photo of the windmills which are synonymous to the island.

9. I loved seeing pops of color in the maze!


10. It is freaking charming, be prepared with extra batteries and memory cards because there are a lot of place to photograph.

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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