Aktaion is a Sweet Stopover

Monday, April 28, 2014

As mentioned previously, Naxos has a lot of sweet spots on the island. With just 2 days to spend, we got to try Aktaion. Put together sweets with chic and dainty interiors and you have Tin's happy place.

We first spotted Aktaion in the afternoon near the port. We were still full to the brim because of our lunch at Scirocco and didn’t have space for dessert anymore. We took a few photos and vowed to come back.

During sunset, we headed to the port area for the gorgeous sunset and headed to Aktaion after. I wanted to try everything but I was honestly still full. They have so much sweet treats, it’s insane!

Ice cream? Macarons? Candy? Cake? Bars? They have it ALL!

We couldn’t leave without trying something.

Aegan Macaron
Honey with Salt
I’ve never had honey with salt but it did remind of salted caramel. For my first Aegan Macaron, I liked Akataoin’s creation.

Mille Feuilles
Strawberries on a pastry puff with chocolate and whipped cream.
It does not look appealing at all but trust me, one bite and you’ll be in heaven! Tin and I couldn’t even finish this plate of wonderfulness. They used the freshest strawberry and it went well with the pastry puff, chocolate and whipped cream. Each bite was a trip to sugar heaven.

Definitively Naxos is one sweeeeet island and a trip to Aktaion is a definite must. We just tried two items and we loved them both. I only wish we stayed on the island longer to have more of Akataion’s sweet offerings.
* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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Naxos Port, Chora, Naxos, Greece 84300

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  1. I love your posts on Greece. My mother and I are going to Naxos in a few weeks and your blog has been so helpful. I'm going to save lots of room for dessert - YUM. And fab photos!

    1. Hi Lees :) I dont hear a lot of people heading to Naxos so yay for you! Their beaches our AMAZING as well. Just thinking about the dessert we had is making me hungry. Enjoy Naxos! =)


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