My First Attempt at Meal Prep

Monday, April 14, 2014

My cousin Nix introduced me to the concept of meal prep – one cooking session to prepare healthy meals for the week. You’ve read about my journey with vegetables and healthier eating. As you can see in the photo, the meals I prepared weren’t hardcore healthy. My goal for this exercise is to prepare meals that are healthier than my normal diet and to add vegetables to my daily intake.

Chicken Fillet with Baked Asparagus using Tzajiki Spices
The spices for tzajiki are strong and I decided to experiment by using it as the main seasoning. The experiment was a failure because the chicken tasted bland. I need to experiment more on the amount of seasoning used or the method of marinating. I just used the spices as a dry rub and let it settle for a day before cooking.

Baked Chicken Nuggets with Cauliflower Rice and Broccoli
These are store bought chicken nuggets. My “healthier” angle is not frying them; I baked them using the toaster instead. You can find the recipe for Cauliflower Rice here.
Pasta Aglio Olio with Tuna and Broccoli
This dish makes a repeat appearance on the blog! We only had salad macaroni in the house so it was the pasta I used. This time, I added garlic oil while cooking the pasta and it gave the pasta a hint of garlic.

I was supposed to make Rosemary and Lemon Chicken but fresh rosemary is out of stock everywhere! I tried 4 different supermarkets to no avail. I really don’t cook. Some people will think, “What’s the big deal with the dishes? They’re so simple!”. There are people like me who aren’t as savvy in the kitchen and this little exercise is something I’m proud of. I can only do simple dishes now and I enjoy looking for simple recipes that are healthier for me and the family.

Do you have a recipe you do easily? Please let me know by commenting below!

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  1. I recently tried meal preps. Would love to know what you think about what I did here


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