Naxos’ Hotel Blue Sky

Thursday, April 10, 2014

We had 2 nights in Naxos at Hotel Blue Sky but on our first night, our double room was not available. We were informed about this upon our arrival at the hotel. The idea of moving hotels every night isn’t my favorite idea. What can we do, we didn’t have a choice.

We were given at 2 bedroom apartment at Santa Katerina Apartments which was a block away. It was a bigger but older place. I didn’t take photos anymore since. Though large, I would honestly consider it a downgrade from Hotel Blue Sky. It was much darker as well. The towels we got were on the hard side and we also had limp pillows. Also, Hotel Blue Sky was newer than Santa Katerina. In Filipino, our Hotel Blue Sky digs were more “maaliwalas”. I couldn’t find an English direct translation so this translation will have to do – brighter and happier.

Double Room (€40 per night, approximately P2400)
The room was shaped in an L so it was tricky to get a wide shot of it.
We had a little kitchenette and a seating area. The room fit 2 people comfortably.
The room was equipped with 2 balconies as well.
Compared to the bathroom in Mykonos, Hotel Blue Sky was heaven sent. It wasn’t cramped!

Our room came with complimentary breakfast. Hotel Blue Sky’s spread stayed the same on both days of our stay. It was modest but filling.

Quick tip, just down the road from Hotel Blue Sky is Zoom Supermarket. They sell the cheapest water we saw at €1.4 for 6 BOTTLES of 1.5 liters. Average cost of water for that size €1! Too bad I only saw it on my last day. I don’t care lugging around that much water for the next island! Haha

The usual mode of transportation in Naxos town is by walking, a motor bike or car. A walk to the heart of the town, the town plaza, is a good 10 minute walk. It’s not bad because it’s not as hilly and challenging as Mykonos. The hotel sits at a much quieter part of town. If you want to be in the middle of all the shops, it would be best to book a hotel closer to the town proper. I didn’t mind the walk so I wouldn’t mind booking in that area again. The Agios Georgios Beach is 5 minutes away from it. The bus stop to reach other beaches is a mere 5-10 minute walk.

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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Hotel Blue Sky
Saint George Beach (Agios Georgios Beach), 843 00 Naxos Town, Naxos Island, Greece

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