Authentic Greek food at Scirocco Naxos Island

Monday, April 21, 2014

I didn’t do any research on where to have a meal on Naxos but I had my first meal in the heart of the town plaza, Scirocco. We checked out the other restaurants in the area but coupled with a growling tummy and the heat, we didn’t over think the choice. Scirocco’s menu had what we wanted – legit Greek food plus the charming and friendly server, we were sold.

Greek Salad
I truly enjoyed Greek food and even though we keep ordering the Greek Salad, I love it every time!

Sousoukakia (€5, approximately P300)
Meatballs baked in tomato sauce with rice or fried     potatoes or spaghetti.
I was hungry but not ravenous levels. Since this was our 3rd Greek stop, I knew Greek portions were generous. I ordered from the kid’s menu instead.  The serving was just right for me, this was big for my standards. I was so stuffed after this meal.

Lamb Kleftiko (5, approximately P480)
If I thought my Sousoukakia was generous, Tin’s Lamb Kleftiko surprised the both of us. True to Greek servings, the Lamb Kleftiko was generous.

In slow paced Naxos, I enjoyed my meal at family run Scirocco. The restaurant is famous for its delicious home cooked creations.  Oh what a wonderful first meal in Naxos, thank you Scirocco for the scrumptious welcome.

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Scirocco Cafe Restaurant
Court Sqaure, Chora, Naxos, Greece 84300

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