Beach Battle: Mykonos

Thursday, March 27, 2014

One of the reasons why I visited Greece is because of their beaches. In Mykonos, I was able to visit 3. Coming from a person who lives in a country blessed with spectacular beaches, Greece is amazing as well. Their waters are insanely clear!

First off, water is cold in Greece during autumn. Cold water on the beach while the sun is shining and warm is a foreign concept to me. I sillily was laughing at myself feeling the coldness and warmth at the same time.

Plati Gialos 
Plati Gialos is one of the more popular beaches on the island. Besides being easily accessible, it is the jump off point for other beaches accessible by taxi boat.

For us Filipinos, the set up might be overwhelming since the lounge chairs and umbrellas are set up next to each other. It looks overcrowded but tourists aren't as loud as I expected so the ambiance was fine.

There are a lot of restaurants along the stretch but expect tourist prices. A meal here easily costs 10-15 Euros per person. Thankfully, they have a supermarket that offers normal rates. I bought my cheapest 1.5 liter mineral water here for 0.90 Euros. Umbrella rental with 2 lounge chairs is 10-12 Euros. Some establishments give it for free if you order from me. Sometimes, Something Mare, a restaurant whose name I forgot, offers theirs for only 5 Euros.

The sand is inconsistent. There are portions that have fine sand (not Boracay fine level) and other portions that were a bit coarse. Try to stay in the portion with fine sand to enjoy your stay.

Plati Gialos has a long stretch of sand so you’ll surely find a spot for you. They have water activities you can rent as well.

How to get here:

1. From Mykonos Town
€1.60 - bus from terminal, times change so best to ask once you get there.
2. From Plati Gialos
Free - walking distance.
From Artemoula's Studios, it's a 10 min walk - 500 m.

Paradise Beach 

There are 2 prevalent party beaches on the island, this one and Super Paradise. We didn't head here during night because of scheduling problems but I still wanted to check it out. As what research and people say, all the stereotypes when you think of a party island are true on Paradise Beach.

As with Plati Gialos, they have the same set up. Umbrella rental on the island is more expensive at 12 Euros even if you order from them.

Same chilly and insanely clear waters. I even saw some fish!

The sand here is coarser than Plati Gialos but not painful.

This was a first for me. I took this photo barefoot, just in a bikini and by roughing it up by climbing some of the rocks. The scenery was worth it to get a gorgeous view of the island.

Doesn’t this photo soothe you to slumber? However, don’t let the photo fool you. This is a party island and I imagine it gets wilder at night.

How to get here:

1. From Mykonos Town
Bus from terminal, times change so best to ask once you get there.
2. From Plati Gialos
€5 - taxi boat, times change so best to ask once you get there.

Agia Anna 

If you're not a fan of crowds, the smaller and more laid back Agia Anna might be more to your liking. The beach is smaller and the crowd thinner.

There is only one way to reach Agia Anna - by walking from Plati Gialos. Don’t fret, the 1.5 km trek is easily conquered by people who like to walk. If you're like me who's used to trekking the urban jungle, you can do it. I wore my flipflops and with my own pacing I got there.

Bring out your camera during the walk because the path has a generous serving of scenery.

There are still beach umbrellas for rent but there’s more space plop your beach blanket if you don't want to pay. Expect to see people in their birthday suit, this was the first beach I encountered nudies in Greece and it wasn't the last.

Sand is similar to Paradise Beach. Like the previous beaches, Agia Anna also has remarkably clear water.

How to get here:

1. From Mykonos Town
Bus from terminal, times change so best to ask once you get there.
2. From Plati Gialos
Walk but only do so during the day. The path is lit but it can get challenging. You might find yourself falling into the ocean.

I would have loved to have spent more time at Agia Anna for the ambiance but in terms of sand quality, Paradise Beach gets my vote.

 Mykonos was our first taste of Greece beaches and we were fortunate to have amazing weather! This continued throughout the trip, I truly am blessed. All of the Greek beaches we saw had clear and turquoise waters. What can I say; the sun shone beautifully highlighting the beaches’ magnificence.

The beaches photograph much lovelier in the morning than the afternoon.

From all the beaches I saw in Mykonos, Paradise Beach is my favorite. Even though it may look crowded, you still had a place of your own. I loved the gorgeous sand, water, rock formation and relaxed day atmosphere it offered.

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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