The 24 Hour Bakery in Mykonos Town Near the Bus Stop

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Why the long title? The photo above shows the signage of the bakery. I tried google translate and it’s supposedly “Aptopoleion” in English. However when I googled that name, I didn’t have any results. Anyway, that signage is the basis of this post. You won’t miss the bakery, when you get off the bus (main road on the left), the bakery is on the right. It’s just a few meters away.

My eyes couldn’t contain themselves. The moment I stepped into the bakery my food senses went into over drive. There were so many lustful pastries, bread and ice cream!!! Good lord, where do I start?
Sweets, sweets and more sweets. I am in heaven!
I may not be a fitness bar nut but these were inviting.
Ice Cream!!!!
Tin had the pistachio mini pop.
Kok Cream Puff
(€2.50, approximately P150)
Looks wise, it reminded me of a whoopie pie. I’ve been seeing this pastry a lot around the island and it got me intrigued. It had a bread consistency with Bavarian crème and a thin layer of chocolate on top.  
They have pizza, sandwiches and pastries with meat or cheese. We bought some for our breakfast the next day.
I had the turkey pocket pastries and the chocolate croissant. I loved both of them. The sesame seeds of the turkey pizza pocket gave it such an interesting texture and flavor. The chocolate croissant was exactly how I wanted it to be – flaky and chocolaty. It was such a pleasant breakfast meal.
Tin had her favorite Greek yoghurt and some pastries.

If the bakery was near Aretemoula's Studios, I would be buying here often. The fact that it’s 24 hours is a bonus. I truly loved this bakery!

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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