10 Things I love about Bohol

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I love Bohol! If I was filthy rich and had an awfully stressful work week, I’d just say “Let’s go, Bohol for the weekend!”. Haha It would be the perfect weekend trip to unwind and reenergize.

1. The Atmosphere
Bohol has 2 sides, the party side of Alona Beach and the quieter portion of Panglao where Dumaluan and Bohol Beach Club are located. I went for some R & R and that’s exactly what I got. We went during September and it wasn’t overflowing with people. Nights were spent eating and resting from the day’s activities.

2. Loboc RiverIt was a gloomy day when we visited Loboc River. Our mood was uplifted when we were greeted by the singers and dancers of the river. They had such a sunny disposition that we enjoyed our short stay with them.

3. Chocolate Hills
It’s sacrilegious to visit Bohol and not visit the Chocolate Hills. They were more like Green Tea Hills when we visited. Haha Nature is marvelous and these hills are a testament of that.

4. Bohol Bee Farm
Expect to spend hours at Bohol Bee Farm. We took the tour and bought a lot of stuff from the farm. It’s also awesome to know that they try to preserve our culture with the weaving station, help the environment at the farm and aim to give livelihood to the people of Bohol as well. In my next visit, I would love to spend more time here and book a room even for just a night. My friend and I noted that the place would make for a good summer fashion spread.

5. Shallow shoreline
I got sunburned because of this. We spent practically the whole day lying down on the fine sands and shallow water. We even had ice cream while in the water! Sun, cool water and ice cream, what more could you ask for?

6. Mornings with Dolphins
As part of our sea tour, we woke up mighty early to catch a glimpse of the dolphins. It was a sparkly morning that provided good visibility. It was my first time to see dolphins in the wild so I was ecstatic! Must swim with them next time.

7. Pass by the virgin island
We passed by the island as part of our sea tour. It literally is a patch of sand in the middle of the sea and it was glorious. We stayed for a good hour and just engulfed the beauty that surrounded us.

8. Finding Nemo and much moreStill part of our sea tour, you must get a guide when visiting Balicasag. The snorkeling area is huge and deep thus it can get tiring. Get a guide to lessen your tiredness and to be able to see the good spots. I remember my guide was like “You want to see Nemo? Nemo (points)”. Haha When I couldn’t go deeper to take a photo, my guide offered to take the photo instead.

9. Fresh lunch by the sea at Balicasag
After our snorkeling adventure, our guide offered the services of a local – they bought and cooked lunch right by the beach. The food was more delish and cheaper than the food at our resort.

10. Breakfast with the magnificent sunrise
I don’t normally catch sunrises because I’m still asleep. Hehe So I was more than happy to catch Bohol’s. The stillness of the sea with the rich colors of the sky was best way to start the day. My friend and I silently and happily enjoyed the brilliant view. Don’t you wish you could always start the day like this?

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  1. I love this entry! Didn't get to do the dolphin tour coz we were too tamad to get up early hahaha. Oh well, another reason to go back:-p

  2. Hehe we have a soft spot for Bohol, what can we say? Ang dami na ngang pwede gawin kasi diba meron na din sila nung adventure stuff sa Danao?? Waaaaaant! =p

  3. another great post! wow! you got to see the dolphins, galing!!! i want to snorkel there too and have breakfast with that wonderful sunrise to greet me...:)

    1. Bohol is really the best. I'd pick it any day over Boracay. =)


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