The Best Souvlaki in Town – Jimmy’s Souvlaki

Friday, March 21, 2014

In this unassuming spot in Mykonos Town, Tin and I were lucky to stumble into his joint. This will be a short blog post but it’s alright, Jimmy’s deserves a solo blog post.

We ordered nothing fancy, just typical Greek Snack food – tzajiki and souvlaki.

Plate of Chicken and Pork Souvlaki with pita bread, salad and fries (€8.50, approximately P510)

Tzajiki (€2.50, approximately P150)

My Juice (€3, approximately P180)
This was overpriced, I learnt my lesson. Bring my water bottle or buy from the grocery instead.

As you can see above, that was our lunch for 2. These were the best souvlaki’s we tried on the whole trip. The meat was dripping with flavor and you can taste it with every bite. Chowing down on these flavorful meats was complemented perfectly by the tzaijiki.

There’s nothing fancy about Jimmy’s but you will keep coming back because of the good food. I regret that I only ate here once. We tried another souvlaki shop (Souvlike) and Jimmy’s thrashes it. 

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