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Monday, September 20, 2010

* Originally published on May 21, 2008 -
 Everyone heads to Boracay for the summer. Some go for the beach, while most of the people go to party. If you’re not there to “hook up”, then food tripping is the next best thing to the beach.

Real Coffee and Tea Cafe
Tucked away somewhere in Station 1, Real Coffee serves fabulous breakfast food and more wonderful treats all day long. It’s the epitome of feel-good food. Most of the people that I know make it a point to have their first meal here. Heck that’s what we did. Dumped our bags in our room and headed for the fantabulous first meal. What a welcome to the island!
(Top to Bottom: Jack-a-lean omelets, Tuna Sandwich, Calamnsi Muffin)

Sink into their famous Jack-a-lean omelets; a luscious mixture of tuna, tomatoes, onions, pepper and most of all pesto. For a tuna and pesto lover, this omelet was truly heavenly. If you’re not a fan of egg, their Tuna Sandwich is equally as delectable. Wash all these down with their different coffee concoctions and shakes. If you still have space for dessert, you CANNOT leave Real Coffee without trying their Calamnsi Muffins. The taste isn’t overpowering, it’s just right to finish every morsel of the muffin. It was interesting to see that a foreigner came up with a muffin like this featuring a very local fruit. Satisfy the Chocoholic in you with a taste of their chunky brownies. It’s chewy, chunky and wonderful with every bite.

Jonas Shakes
Jonas Shakes is already an institution on the island. Not only does it have one of the best seats for the sunset, it has the best shakes to go with the view. Sipping a cold beverage while baking under the sun, now this is the life! You can choose from the different flavors they already have or customize your own. Feel free to ask for the available fruits and combine to your palette’s delight.Their Chocopeanut shake tastes close to our childhood fave, Chocnut. Having a plate of fries to accompany it isn’t bad either mixing the sweetness of the shake and the salty goodness of the fries.

I found the Avocado Mango shake to be such a pleasant surprise. I’ve never tasted that combination yet it was a good fusion of the 2 fruits. No one fruit overpowered the other. It was a smooth path going to my tummy.

Lemon Café
If you find yourself wandering D’Mall wanting a sugar fix, beeline for Lemon Café. Its pastel yellow interiors alone will attract you to this nook. Not much of a breakfast person but still want something in your tummy? For cinnamon lovers like moi, their Cinnamon Muffin is a delight. It was moist and actually enjoyable to eat. Their Chocolate Chip cookie was absolutely splendid. It had real chocolate chip chunks and it reminded me of home-cooked cookies. I had seconds of this. Their Mango Cake (I don’t quite remember the exact name teehee) is a cross between a cheesecake and an ice cream cake. Interesting combination right? The texture of the cheesecake/cream was lighter than most cheesecakes which made it appealing.

Lemon Café also has delicious omelets, salads, sandwiches and full blown meals to get you going. Had a massive omelet craving during the trip and went bonkers over Lemon Café’s omelet. It comes with bread and a side dish of fruits.

Don’t be a stranger! Make sure to visit these spots for food that’s worth every peso.

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