Trying out Atlantida Restaurant in Mykonos

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I try to have 1 splurge meal on vacation. For Mykonos, Tin and I had ours at Atlantida Restaurant along Plati Yialos Beach. On our first day in Mykonos, Tin and trolled Plati Yialos Beach. Atlantida stood out because of their charming maitre d’ and their celebrated chef who won Master Chef. On our last night in Mykonos, we want back to Atlantida to cap off our Mykonos leg.

This Greek Italian restaurant along the beach has a wonderful view of the beach. Service was as expected of a hotel restaurant – pleasant. After spending the whole day beach hopping, all we wanted was a nice meal.

Risotto Shrimp and Saffron (€16, approximately P960)

Moussaka (€9.50, approximately P570)
Soufflé of aubergines with minced meat and béchamel sauce au gratin

Complimentary Donuts

The portions were generous; our meal could probably feed 3 girls. Tin was craving for Moussaka while it was my first time to try it. All the dishes we ordered were deliciously average. It’s hard to explain. They were good but they didn’t OMG stand out like Psistaria Ambrosia.


I had a enjoyable experience dining at Atlantida but I do wonder, for the prices was I better off eating at another restaurant? We ate a similarly priced restaurant for lunch and unfortunately I don’t remember the name. They had horrible service and average food. So I guess if it’s that restaurant VS Atlantida, I’d pick Atlantida hands down.

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Atlantida Restaurant at Hotel Acrogiali
Plati Gialos (Plati Yialos), Mykonos

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