A Food Walk more than a Photo Walk at Isabelo Garden for November 2012

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I don’t find myself in the Marikina area very often. Geography plays a major part in where I go to. Despite having read a lot of beautiful reviews about Isabelo Garden, I never really made an effort to head there even though it’s been on my list.

Last November, Melissa’s boyfriend decided to surprise her for her birthday by inviting her close friends for an intimate dinner at Isabelo. I finally make my way to the restaurant! Uhm, I enjoyed the place so much that I didn’t take photos and enjoyed the company and the food. Ok, I have a few photos but only of the food! 

Pizza (Whose name escapes me, sorry!)

Lemon Shrimp Linguine (P380)

4 Hour Pugon baked Osso Bucco (P750)

We loved our dinner at Isabelo immensely we swore to go back before the month ended. The place was beautifully lit at night with a cloud of mystique. Originally, the restaurant was just open for dinner. We were just mentioning that Isabelo would look wonderful during the day as well only to find out that in a few days, they were opening their doors for Rustic Mornings at Isabelo. With that, a brunch date was set and I vowed to be a good blogger.

Isabelo’s charm during the day and at night is different. I appreciate that there is a separate menu for Rustic Mornings since the day and night experience is different. As imagined, the sun hit spaces of the restaurant delightfully.

The restaurant has several areas that diners can stay at. I am pleased about this since it allows diners to have a small space dedicated to their group; it doesn’t feel overcrowded. Each nook of Isabelo is decorated with the owner’s interests and personality.

A lot of the areas are air cooled with one section having air conditioning. During our dinner, we were seated in the gallery which was air cooled. Thankfully, the cold November winds were present making the stay enjoyable. However, during our brunch it was hot so we opted for the air conditioned section. 

 The air conditioned room is decked in blue and white.

Different knick knacks adorn the restaurant. 

With its rustic and inviting ambiance, Isabelo is a popular location for prenups and weddings. 

French Toast, Herbed Hash Browns and Bacon (P220)
It was difficult to pick just one dish for brunch. I was salivating over the menu and wanted to order 5 dishes. I was able to control myself and picked this breakfast combo. The consistency of their French toast was more like a pancake than a piece of bread.  The hash browns were a tad oily but everything on the plate went well together. I loved the whipped butter with sugar that went with the plate. 

A closer look at their hash browns. 

Crispy Tawilis (P145)

Gourmet Hotdog Sandwich with Chili Con Carne and Sunny Side Up Egg (P240)

Beef Tapa (P235)
I am a huuuge fan of tapa. If it were a choice to eat tapa or tocino for the rest of my life, tapa would win easily. Isabelo’s version tasted more like longganisa than traditional tapa which confused my palette in the beginning. In Kenny’s words, this tasted more like Vigan Longganisa. 

Breaded Boneless Bangus (P180)
Talk about the catch of the day, their bangus was tremendously fresh and exuded with flavour. 

Carrot Walnut Cupcake (P110)

Apple, Orange and Beet Cleansing Juice (P140)
Isabelo had numerous food and drink choices! I know myself, if I ordered a drink I would get too full already so I just had water. Their coffee options looked so tempting I wished Isabelo was a block from me instead so that I could go there any time and have brunch alone with a cup of coffee.  

As mentioned previously, the environment and menu for the mornings and dinner service are different. You will feel like you experienced 2 different meals when you visit which I believe is a good thing since each meal offers something new. 

The menu of Rustic Mornings is much simpler than their dinner menu. For a “trek” to Marikina, I would go for their dinner menu more than their mornings menu. Whichever meal you prefer, Isabelo Garden is worth the trip. Whether it be a date, special occasion for the family or a barkada reunion, it is the perfect place for all types of gatherings. 

Rustic Mornings accepts walk-ins everyday from 8 AM to 4 PM. For guests wanting the dinner menu, it is by reservation only and you need to place your order before hand.

Isabelo Garden

11 Isabelo Mendoza St. San Roque, Marikina City
02-5106914; 02-6812461; 0917-7005810

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