It’s David Guetta B***h! – October 2012 Photo Walk

Monday, December 10, 2012

I’ve never been a house music person but I appreciate beats that make me dance. There’s only one DJ I vowed to watch in person – David Guetta. Nix introduced me to his music during my Singapore visit. This year, he made his way to Manila for the first time and when I heard the news I went ballistic. I had the chance to catch another dream artist on my list to watch!

When watching concerts, it’s best to be with people who are as fanatical as you since you would feed off each other’s energies. Nix was heading to Manila for a wedding the same time Guetta was in town. We made arrangements to watch together but plans eventually fell through. I had to let go of the sadness of missing his show so I purposely avoided his TV specials and interviews. 

3 days before his concert, I was working while listening to Andi and Jessica on Magic 89.9. Then IT HAPPENED. They were giving away tickets to the show. After calling twice, I got through. After being nervous, almost getting a question wrong and making the girls laugh at my silliness, I won 2 tickets! OMFG! WAAAAAHHHHH!!! Thank you God and the universe! First Zac Eforn now this??? They totally made up for the cancelled birthday heartaches. My date for the concert? The person who introduced his music to me, Nix! The tickets were for the Upper Box which was the area we were eyeing in the first place. I messaged Nix immediately after and we were both on Cloud 9.

Since the section was free seating, we made sure to be at the MOA Arena early. Nix and I met up a tad before 7 PM since the tickets said show would start at 8 PM. Full disclosure, this was my first time at this type of show so I didn’t know what to expect. We were able to get good seats by the aisle right smack in the middle.

I had no idea how many front acts he had and how long each set was. When the first set finished, I thought it was Guetta time. But it wasn’t. By the time Alesso the third (yes THIRD) front act performed, I was feeling impatient and tired.

3 front acts x 1 hour each = 3 hours before Guetta. Ang tagaaaaaal. I will admit that for people who paid for their tickets, the price was worth it. Soooo many hours of partying.
The first act was Deuce Manila, a local group, started playing at 8:30 PM.
The tech set-up.
Kaz James was the second act. 

Alesso was the last act before Guetta. An observation of the front acts, Nix and I would joke that the graphics that accompanied the DJ was parallel to their experience and talent fee. The observation was apparent with Alesso having the awesomest lights, graphics and beats among the 3 acts.  

In Taglish slang, “May budget!” Haha Diba?? 

The crowd starting to thicken waiting for the man.  

Here we go, laser lights appear for the first time as we wait for Guetta to appear.   

Admittedly I’m a huge fan of his 4th and 5th album. Since I’m not the typical house fan, I didn’t groove the whole time. That’s my bad because of my preference going there knowing he IS a house DJ. If I were a house head, maaaan I would have been exhausted dancing the whole night.   

I watched his graphics in amazement (besides his music of course!), so shushal! But hey, perhaps I was so impressed because it was my first house concert and maybe all house concerts are like that. 

Guetta has rapport with the crowd. You can see the love he has for his craft as he spins. What you hear in his album is NOT what you'll hear when you attend a concert.  

It was like being in a club but being able to sit down and have enough space to dance. 

Guetta playing Sexy B***ch 

We all know this song. Haha 

“When love takes oveeeeer, yeeeaaaahhhhh….” 

The song that catapulted Guetta to mainstream music was his last song. 

As a fan, I felt bad for Guetta. Since he started his show at 11:30 PM on a weekday, people were tired already when he started playing. I expected the crowd to be jumping and clapping wildly but you could see majority of the crowd was tired already. I hope that didn’t make him feel like we didn’t appreciate his music. We diiiiiid!

I went home from the concert on a high! I wasn’t even sleepy. I played more Guetta tunes while I tried to sleep.  Even the day after, the high and happiness from that night helped me be stronger for the busyness of work. 

It was such an unforgettable experience that I would do all over again. I'm not a party girl but a dancing girl and I had more than my fair share of moves that night.

I believe in his artistry and truly am in awe of his talent. Ang galing talaga. It was an honor to experience his genius. Whatever space my heart has for house music, he has monopolized it. I don’t think I will have room for anyone else. It would be wonderful to watch his next show with someone special. Mwahahaha

I don’t swear a lot but he was f**king amazing. Besides the expected wonderful music experience, it was an unbelievable visual feast as well. The graphics, lights and beats put all together was perfect. Insane! I’m a visual person and those factors are integral elements that MADE the show.

As mentioned above, it was my first time to watch a house DJ and Guetta set the bar high. I love you David Guetta!!!

* Additional photos from Nix Sionosa.

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