Basic Food Photography Workshop at 50 Feasts – September Photo Walk

Friday, October 26, 2012

I like education. Yeah yeah nerd alert. I’ve been hunting for any class or course that would enrich me in my work and as a person. My research senses have been on high alert for marketing, writing, design, business and social media related courses to take. I consider them an investment in my future which is why I only want to take classes that I can directly apply to my work now. 

Remember my photo walk provision? “A photo walk can be forgone in lieu of a class, lecture or an experience.” For my birthday month (teehee) I’m combining 2 things I love – food and photography. Say hello to birthday treat 1! (Were you able to read about birthday treats 2 and 3?)

I’ve been in awe of the work of the Photo Kitchen team as soon as came across their website. I was freaking ecstatic when I found out they conducted workshops too under 50 Feasts! I’ve wanted to enroll early this year but slots got filled fast or I had scheduling conflicts. It took me several months but I finally took a course! That fateful day in July, I secured a spot for September, yay!

Classes are small at 6 participants per workshop enabling a hands on and personal experience. Mylene Chung’s “syllabus” (I can’t think of a conversational term for it) is a great mix of technical, creative and business aspects of food photography. She oozed passion as she talked about her craft. I love being around people who are like so because it is inspiring and rubs off on you. She and Kat (Photo Kitchen’s food stylist whom I met on a Food shoot) are generous about their work and don’t mind answering questions about their work process. I don’t want to divulge more details about the workshop to preserve the experience for future participants. 

The workshop atmosphere was encouraging and warm. Whether you are a novice photographer or an experienced one, you will feel at ease. We were asked to shoot the same food item and it was fascinating to see the different interpretations and stories the photos conveyed. After each exercise, we critiqued each other’s work and it was superb to view the styles of each person.

More than anything else, it was fun learning, playing and creating striking photos. It made a huge difference being able to have access to Photo Kitchen’s props closet because for me, the styling really made the photos. Without these items, how differently can you photograph a piece of bread? 

I was pleasantly surprised that lunch was included in the workshop. For the record, this was the most delicious food I’ve ever had during a photography workshop. Teehee I am thankful for my new experiences and knowledge from this 2 day workshop – it was truly worth it. When you take a specialized class, you absolutely see and understand the application of the skills learnt. 

Hola to classmates Sab, Rj, Erwan, Rona and Jitka. It was nice meeting you all and learning from you guys.  Massive thanks to everyone at 50 Feats especially to Mylene, Dwight, Lynette and Arthas (the resident cotton ball)!

Go for it! If you have an interest and passion for food and photography then there’s no other place to take a class but at 50 Feasts.

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