A former fan girl at the NKOTBSB concert in Manila (2012)

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

When I first heard about the NKOTBSB tour in the US, I immediately thought it was ingenious. Staging a concert with 2 huge boy bands from 2 different generations ought to draw the crowd. I have a confession; I used to be a BSB fan. They weren’t my biggest fan girl moment but I liked them. They were taking the tour to the Philippines and we were their last stop (just like Katy Perry). It didn’t spark a ‘OMG-I-need-to-watch” moment in me and my looked at the ticket prices: Mahalia Jackson (expensive)! I didn’t even announce the concert date here in my blog. As my friend Maita said about the ticket prices, “ayaw magpanood sa presyo!” (The tickets are priced as if they didn’t want people to watch.) 

Fast forward to 4 days before the concert and I see the tickets are half off at a groupon site. So….Maita and I ended up buying Upper Box tickets. Haha

I didn’t have any expectations about the concert. I was actually very curious about the Arena. Before its completion, there was talk that it was larger than Araneta. I don’t have the actual statistics but I think its capacity is smaller. Mad props must be given to SM for making the seats comfy. They have this weird rule; when you buy bottled water from the food stalls outside the concert area the vendor needs to open the water bottle in front of you and keep the bottle cap. The customer is not allowed to keep the bottle cap. My thoughts? (1) Why? It seems so odd. (2) They should have plastered that ruling inside the Arena. Can you imagine how many times a vendor explains that to a customer? I must say, that is time wasted. (3) If you buy bottled from the roving seller inside the Arena, they give you the whole bottle, with cap and all. Now doesn’t that seem odd??  

Sorry back to the concert. I have bad eyes….Unfortunately the seats given to us were on the side. Hard core yeah you are on the side that you can’t even see the screens! Sadness…

That being said, I had one of the most fun nights of my life. Haha I may not know the NKOTB songs but the BSB songs were enough to make me giddy. I felt like I was 14 again. Mwahahahaha I remember being that young and hearing those lyrics from a boy. Mems right??? Hahaha

As mentioned I really am not well versed with NKOTB songs. I don’t even remember all their names! I can only name Joe, Jordan and Donnie for sure. (Now I’m googling the rest of the band). I don’t know the personality of each member. I see Donnie Wahlberg in such a different light now. My eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing; it was as if Donnie the boy band member was separate from Donnie the actor. Haha For me, he’s this old actor on a cop show. I got the surprise of my life when he showed his abs and looked good. He also happens to be 43 already!  Like I told Maita, “Mark Wahlberg lang ang peg???” Mark is of course Donnie’s hot brother. Hellooo Marky Mark!

The men of both groups may have slowed down a bit in their dance moves but they are still mighty good. With their energy and the love they showed the crowd, it felt like they were all in their prime. Everyone looked good and moved well. Actually, BSB still look like the BSB from the 2000s except Nick gained a bit of weight.

I knew the lyrics but Maita knew all the songs! I would guess the title but would get it wrong every time. I was a BSB fan in 90s but never saw them live. My crush (oh yes world, I’m revealing it!) from BSB was Brian. What did I learn that night? A piece of my heart will belong to him whenever I see him perform. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I got all giddy again. Oh my youth! Haha

BSB all decked out in signature 2000s looks. Haha Me likey men who wear pink. Haha

NKOTBSB utilized the stage very well. I love that they kept on popping up in different areas of the stage. It was as if wherever you were seated, you were bound to have a good view. I just wish they had more rapport with the audience. I saw videos of their past performances and NKOTBSB had more audience interaction than what they gave in Manila.  I loved the lights, the stage, the repertoire, musical direction, everything! 

The two boy bands really worked well together and you could really feel the bromance. I could also feel them giving their all for the audience. Performance level! I’M not a diehard fan but it was truly an amazeballs concert! THANK YOU NKOTBSB!

So..After the concert Maita and I were on a high! We took to the net to feed our NKOTBSB need now that the concert is over. Please say they’ll sell the concert on DVD! Haha I only have 4 BSB songs in my iPod, I guess it’s time I add more. Thanks Aj, Howie, Nick and Brian for reminding me. Haha =p

To recap:
Pants Ripped – 1
Lucky Girls on Stage – 4

Abs Seen – Too Little

Filipinos Singing Along – Thousands

Girls and Gays with shattered eardrums and vocal cords – Too many to count

The concert happened this June but it officially is my new experience for May and counts as my photo walk. I haven’t posted my March and April photo walks but this post girl-gushing-article couldn’t wait.

“Walang basagan ng trip!” 

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