The Kapuso watches ASAP - July 2012 Photo Walk

Friday, September 28, 2012

“Balimbing bat ka nasa ASAP audience! Bwahahahaha”
(Traitor why are you part of the audience in ASAP.)

That was the text I got from my Tita (Aunt). Haha So. I’ve got some explaining to do. Yes, I am a loyalist; I am a Kapuso (GMA). However, I am a pragmatic one. I cheer and support GMA but can recognize the greatness in ABS as well as the flaws of both networks. I am no blind loyalist.

Oh yes the explanation! My cousin Omi was visiting Manila from Vegas and she was able to score tickets to watch the show. She invited 3 cousins and any gimik with my cousins is always fun, who am I to say no? I will admit ASAP is one of the shows I don’t mind watching anyway so it wasn’t like I was forced. 

You are asked to go to ABS early because there’s an orientation and studio tour before the show.  If you’re bringing a car, that’s a good thing. Tin has shared many stories of horrendous lines in ABS’ parking. We went around ABS and were able to check out 2 studios: 1 each from the entertainment and news departments. We visited the studio of Showtime (which was smaller than the Take Me Out/Party Pilipinas Studio) and the studio of Bandila.

Apparently, ASAP is the hardest show to get tickets for – in demand! TFC subscribers get the bulk of the tickets for shows which make sense. If you have wishes to watch any of the ABS shows, you’ll have better chances if you have an OFW with you. Haha

Some Tips if you are lucky enough to get tickets:
- Eat heavy breakfast before heading to ABS. The break after the studio tour and lining up to go inside the studio is short.
- Wear comfy shoes; you’ll be doing a lot of waiting.
- Bring a fan or shawl; the studio can either be too hot or too cold. It’s better to be prepared. 

I have to applaud the team behind ASAP. Security was strict, for good reason. Before the show started, the production team gave do’s and don’ts while watching as well as some rules.
(1) Turn off all phones, don’t even think of putting it on airplane mode.
(2) During the live show, you can’t ask for a photo with any of the personalities.
(3) Actually, it goes for commercial breaks too. So basically, not asking for photos. This one I understand. Celebrities can’t say no to the fans because they might be seen in a bad light. It is the responsibility of the production team to enforce this. There were a few violators so the whole audience was scolded at. The ruling was proclaimed again and reasons for this were given – in a harsh, threatening voice. Haha Well, the people needed to hear that.
(4) You can’t get out of your seat during the live show. If you must, leave during the commercial break. 

During commercial breaks, the floor director or audience coordinator would entertain the crowd and we were laughing tremendously. It kept the energy up. When the show was over, the bouncers and production team imposed guidelines for getting out of the studio. Thank god they had this because it made going out orderly. (We know how people can get!)

Without further adieu, here are the photos.

We were on the lookout for Gerald and Xian. Haha

This one’s for you Trish!
Ms. Dar, for youuu!

We were disappointed that we weren’t able to some of the big name starts like Angel, Echo, JLC, Bea or Anne.

Something for the boys.

Something for the girls.

On the day we watched, it was the tribute episode for Vilma Santos (Ate Vi!) so a big chunk of the show was dedicated to her. 

I know it’s a tribute for Ate Vi, but it’s so weird to see her on stage while the girls are uhm dancing. 

“The Healing” cast also came on stage to promote the movie. 

Aaaawwww Ate Vi and Lucky.

They ended the show with everyone singing YMCA – go figure.

Thank you cousins for another memorable day out! =)

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