Corregidor Photo Walk for April

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Photo Walk series continues! My friend Melissa was able to get 50% off for the Sun Cruises day trip to Corregidor so we jumped on the chance.

The last time I was in Corregidor was with my whole clan when I was in grade school. I have few memories of the trip but I remember having fun. Our Corregidor trip was gloomy and unfortunately it left me bratty – I was uninspired to shoot. When the weather isn’t good, it dampens my photog spirits. I know it’s not the right way of thinking but I can’t help it.

Nothing much has changed since my last visit but the island is well maintained. Our tour guide was a breath of fresh air – she was eloquent, intelligent and articulate. Not at all like the guides I had in the past. There was a grace and presence to her.

Why go: Visit if you have an appreciation for history and our culture. The monuments and statues are built well and made of expensive looking materials. Haha The Malinta Tunnel Lights Show is something you shouldn’t pass up. The video and audio presentation of the war is pretty cool. It got us wondering how in the word were they able to get those footage and sound bites.
  The tour even made us remember our history classes with trivia like “What does USAFFE stand for?” Do you know the answer to that? Haha
The whole gang with the guard. (Yes with Pasto!)

Why not to go:
If you’re looking for a cold and luxurious outing, Corregidor isn’t the place for you. There’s also no night life here so expect quiet (possibly ghost filled mwahahaha) nights. I encourage you to learn more about our history and culture. Sure, we’ve learnt these things in our history class back in school but can you still remember them? For me, some parts our blurry already. We are the lucky ones not to have experienced war, let’s pay homage to the brave people who enabled us to live the beautiful lives we have now.The Corregidor Day Tour with lunch buffet costs P1,999/pax from Sun Cruises. When our boat docked back in Manila, there were no instructions where to go or which vehicle to board to go back to the Sun Cruises office. Instead of waiting, we opted to walk instead. If you’re bringing a vehicle, park at Harbour Square which is next to the Sun Cruises office. They offer a flat rate until 5 PM. If you park at the lot of Sun Cruises, pay a fixed rate for the 1st 3 hours then another fixed rate for every succeeding hour.
I seriously saw this while on the island!
"Close your eyes and give me your hand
Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand?
Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming
Or is this burning an eternal flame?"

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