Work Shoots Photo Walk for February 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have a confession to make; I don’t have a proper photo walk for February because I was very busy with work, I went out of town twice for a project. I went to Ilocos Sur and Mindoro. For the Ilocos Sur part of the trip, I didn’t have Guido with me so all the photos are from my phone. For the Mindoro leg, most of the photos came from Guido. I’m more embarrassed to admit that this post is extremely delayed and the March Photo Walk (in Siem Reap!!) will also be delayed. Sorry guys! I hope you still love me.

So pardon the lack of information in this post and it will be photo heavy instead. 

Ilocos Sur
I thought I had more photos from Ilocos Sur! Haha Apparently, this is the only one I took. Taken with a camera phone, I fell in love with the blue-rrific sky!


I used both Guido and my camera phone on this trip. What made me bring my Guido? The last time I was in Mindoro, I was able to see one of the most brilliant sunsets I’ve ever witnessed and since I didn’t have my SLR, I used my camera phone. 
We were in San Jose Mindoro for the AVP and we’d transfer from one farm to the other. All of the photos here are from my phone.

After shooting for the AVP, we went around Sablayan to shoot for OurPhilippines. We visited the serene Lake Libuao. It felt great being able to shoot after such a long time. Frankly with blue skies like that, which you know is my fave, I was inspired.

You know what else? We spotted this glorious rainbow! Loooove!

We tried to catch the sunset at Pandan Island but since it was cloudy, wasn’t able to see anything.

The next day, we headed to Apo Reef (which is different from Apo Island in Dumaguete), a Unesco World Heritage Site. We left the mainland at 5:30 AM.

I call these cotton candy clouds.
We visited the mangroves on the island.

It started to rain and the rest of the day looked gloomy again. However, as we were heading back, the sun decided to say hello.

I was sunburned already but I was glad the sun was out for these photos! If you saw me, I looked ridiculous since I was covering my burnt pink face and arms. Haha

It is insane how CLEAR the water is!

We headed back to San Jose where I desperately tried to cling on to the idea of catching the brilliant sunset with Guido but failed. I’ll try again next time!

I’m blessed to have been able to shoot the beauty of our country while working. And ha! I kinda have a photo walk also. Haha Hopefully March will enable me to do a planned photo walk. =)

**** I made another post about San Jose with information about accommodations, where to eat and more. =)

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