Manila Ocean Park Photo Walk for January 2012

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It was difficult for me to write about this photo walk. Besides the fact that it was over a month ago, the day we went was an exceptionally long day for me and I was exhausted. Haha But anyway, I’ve been meaning to visit the Manila Ocean Park since it opened its doors years ago. However, I really never made an effort to make it happen. When I came up with my list of photo walk options, the Manila Ocean Park landed in that list.

What made me finally go? This: a deal on Cash Cash Pinoy. For P555, we were able to check out all that!

We went on a Sunday expecting a lot of families since it was a weekend. Uhm The park exceeded our expectations because besides the usual Sunday family crowd, several (yes you read it right SEVERAL) schools had scheduled field trips that day. It wasn’t the best situation to be in but what can you do right? Accept and move forward.

The Oceanarium

For a country that is filthy rich with marine life, I was disappointed with the Oceanarium. I felt like there should have been more fish on display. Because of the volume of people, it felt cramped and I felt rushed.

Sea Lion Show

We watched the show under the afternoon sun so make sure to bring an umbrella, fan and cold drink with you. The show was entertaining and brief. The audience which consisted mostly of children were laughing and cheering.

Jellies Exhibit

This was our first stop at the park and one of the things I loved the most! The exhibit had its share of eye sores but I forgot those because of the jellies. They made me giddy like a kid again!

The movements of the jellies are synchronized with the music. This also happens to be the first video I’ve taken with Guido!

Fish Spa
This was my first time to experience the Fish Spa and I was laughing because it tickled. Haha I asked the personnel if the fish ever get full from “eating” but he said they didn’t. This was another highlight from the visit because it was another new experience.

Makan Makan Asian Food Village

The food was without a doubt better than WhiteMoon but the service was bad. It would take forever for a server to attend to us whenever we called them.

The Souvenir Shop

Full disclosure, we didn’t buy anything but ended up seeing a lot of adorable items. We also spent time posing with them. Haha

I am very thankful that we bought that coupon! If we paid full price for the whole experience, I would have been more disappointed. I hope that the park can hire more employees that can monitor and assist people while at the park. There were a lot of people who broke the rules (ex. “no flash photography”, “no littering”) and I hate that. If you’ve never been to an oceanarium or aquarium then the Manila Ocean Park would do fine. I can’t help but compare it to the grandness of Malaysia’s Aquaria which was my first and was more awesome. Having said all that, I would still recommend visiting the park if you have kids with you because it is a place they will surely enjoy, without a doubt there hundreds of exultant kids during our visit.

Manila Ocean Park
Luneta, Manila, Philippines (Behind
the Quirino Grandstand)
02-5677777 loc. 118, 119, 123, 153

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  1. We been to ocean park last January 26 and it is more fun and exciting to be there. We really enjoyed in ocean park especially on the Sea Lion Show. I am hoping next time we will come there again and watch the Penguin show. This is one of the best educational tours here in Philippines.


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