UP Photo Walk turned Food Trip for April 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

When we planned the photo walk in UP, it really was supposed to be a photo walk. How did it turn into a food walk instead? Read on.

UP having a lot of greenery is a stark difference from my beloved alma mater which makes visiting the area a treat for me. The campus is also known for a couple of food finds so having lunch here was mandatory. With the Labudahon sisters, we hit ROC (Restaurant of Choice) at the UP Bahay ng Alumni.

During our visit, there were a good mix of students, faculty and alumni. ROC’s atmosphere was pleasantly homey with a hint of cheeriness.  

Queso Bianca (P148)
Deep fried kesong puti, tomato sauce, pesto drizzle

With our grumbling tummies in tow, we opted for a fan favourite with the Queso Bianca. It had the right texture of chewy cheese and crunchy shell. The tomato sauce was a bit on the sweet side but was forgivable.  
Margherita Panizza (P228)
Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Basil Chiffonade

I have high standards for panizza perfection having devoured C Italian Dining’s version. Nothing compares to it and sadly ROC’s version is inferior to it. That being said, if C’s version is a 10, I’d consider ROC’s version a 6. That’s a high score considering the calibre of C’s panizza.
Tuyo Puttanesca (P168)
Spicy Tuyo Flakes, classic tomato sauce, olives, capers, basil, spaghetti

This pasta staple was plated in a simple yet photogenic way. The Tuyo Puttanesca is filling for P168 for a girl’s appetite.
Bangus Mediterrano (P175) with upgraded garlic rice
Milkfish fillets, tomato-herb salsa, olive, oil, spices, chefs veggies, white rice

This beautifully multi-colored dish looks more like a vegetable dish than a fish dish was actually my pick! The freshness of the fish surfaced thanks to the wonderfully seasoned salsa and vegetables.

We prolonged our stay in ROC because we were hiding from the summer heat. We casually walked out of the restaurant and realized it was already 4 PM. Gah! What happened to our afternoon?  

We walked around the Sunken Garden passing by a lot of joggers and bikers. The garden was busy with activities with the Frisbee game, football game and even a prenup shoot.

Oh the things you see in UP!

This statement made me smile. Don’t we all want this? =)
* Translation: Wanted - Peace. 

I love how the sun hit Danix’s face.

There’s a portion of the road with graffiti fighting for literacy.
It’s been ages since I had dirty ice cream so we grabbed the opportunity. A friend or cousin recently pointed out that dirty ice cream vendors don’t like being called that since their ice cream is clean. They prefer to be called Sorbeteros selling sorbetes. I understand their POV but since as long as I could remember, it’s been dirty ice cream.  Where did the term originate from anyway?

I had the misconception that Tre was as shy as her sister Danix and I was proven wrong. This photo walk proved that Tre will do anything for food. Remember the 10 minute ramen challenge? Well, this time we had the star fish challenge. If Tre could do the star fish pose in the middle of the street, I would treat her to the dessert sampler in Chocolate Kiss. Challenge accepted! Mwahahahaha

The posing didn’t end there. I challenged Tre to pose like she was biking in the bike lane and she did! She said that she was game to pose even without bribes, now I know. If I wasn’t in shorts, I would be there posing with her.

I was able to find a place to pose at, outside the Vargas Museum! Represent!

There is so much of UP to explore and I look forward to visiting the campus again. I have a scheduled picnic date with a group of friends which I hope pushes through!

* Additional photos from Danix Labudahon.

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