(Over Due Post!) Singapore Part 1: Cheap Thrills

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I’ve been itching and itching to blog. I finally found the time and made time for it. I hope that it will be helpful and you’ll take my word for it! Haha

I make it a point to CELEBRATE my birthday every year. Last year was one of the best celebrations EVER. It was my first time to have my birthday in another country with so many things planned! I was also crossing out something on my bucket list. (more on that in a later post!) This birthday also meant spending time with my sister and my SG-based cousin whom I haven’t had quality time in ages.

I’m starting the series with FOOD! How can I possibly go wrong with food? I honestly wasn’t expecting much since I’m not ecstatic about Singaporean food. Here are a couple of my cheap food finds in lovely Singapuh!

Wafer Ice Cream
In Singapore, Selecta is branded as Wall’s. This little surprise was heaven sent along the hot streets of Singapore. At S$1-1.20 this treat is cheap, yummy and absolutely addicting!

Kaya Toast
A staple in the Singapore breakfast scene, I was smitten by Kaya Toast. Granted it wasn’t exceptional or the greatest invention in the world, for some odd reason my taste buds were excited. I got overtly giddy when they opened a branch in the Philly (Philippines) AND one that’s near my place.

Mi Sedaap Instant Noodles Readily available in groceries and stores, the Mi Sedaap Instant Noodles was my instant favorite! I think it’s their version of our Pancit Canton. I’m shallow that I’d be happy with this as my pasalubong. What can I say, I’m easy to please (at times!).

Marine Parade Central
Cheap, delicious and smile-evoking. Spend around S$2-4 for a satisfying meal.

Top to bottom: Hainanese Chicken, Kueh Pie Tee (similar to our lumpia), Nasi Lemak Set (choose what food to pile on your plate), Char Kway Teow (stir-fried rice cake strips), Wanton Noodles, Hokkien Mee (fried noodles)

Soya, soya soya!
I’m a soy milk lovah, another find from the Marine Parade Central.

More hawker food
We wanted a special last dinner but most of the higher end restaurants were closed by the time we finished shopping. The solution? Walk on over to the near by hawker place, which happened to be Nix and Del’s fave spot, for some awesome dishes. It was another iaalay-na-sa-bulkan (offer to the volcano) kind of busog! Haha

Left to right: Sweet and Sour Pork, Cereal Prawns and Yang Chow Rice

So, are you getting hungry? 

The rest of my Singapore posts are here: Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4. I visited The Lion City again in 2011.
Here's where you can stay in Singapore.

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  1. I want to go to Marine Parade Central!!! =)

  2. Where is that hawker place in the last photo? I want to go there too, heehee!

  3. Thanks for dropping by!

    It's also in Marine Parade Central. My cousin isn't sure if it's in Block 78/79/79A or 80. I highly recommend it!! =)

  4. Thanks too! Will drag the hubby there soon! I'm sick of Food Republic na! =)


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