Psistaria Ambrosia is my favorite restaurant in Athens

Friday, February 14, 2014

Confession, I didn’t know the English name of this restaurant. I got the calling and saw that it was written using Greek characters. I had to Google and translate to finally know the restaurant’s name!

Tin and I were tired and famished. We didn’t have any more energy on our first day in Athens after walking around. We got off at Syngrou-Fix to go home to our hotel. When you get out the station, you will be welcomed by a lively area filled with cafes, restaurants, bars, bakeries and dessert places.

We bumped into some Filipinos and they said a lot of the restaurants in the vicinity were good. We spotted Psistaria Ambrosia and it looked busy even with its simple set up. Their food is displayed like in the school cafeteria and the host graciously answered our questions.  We plopped our tired bodies and sat down excitedly waiting for our first sit down Greek meal.

Bread (€1, approximately P60)
Tip: The bread Greek restaurants serve is not complimentary.
We found out about this the hard way – looking at the receipt. Our Consuelo de Bobo? This was the best plain bread we tried during our entire stay in the country. Worth every Euro.

Greek Salad (€5.80, approximately P348)
I like tomatoes, Tin isn’t a fan. Tin likes cucumbers, I don’t like them. The Greek Salad – perfect for our taste buds! First new foodie realization from the trip: THE REAL GREEK SALAD DOES NOT HAVE LETTUCE! Haha The Greek Salads I tried in Manila are nothing like this. Every vegetable in this dish is fresh and oh my god, they use liberal chunks of feta cheese! Yes, with all the exclamation points in this paragraph you can surmise that I loved every bit of it.

Beef Casserole (€7.50, approximately P450)
This hearty dish was exquisite. I don’t remember the Greek name of the dish but they called it the Beef Casserole. It comes with pasta that looks like rice pilaf.

Psistaria Ambrosia had a good mix of locals and foreigners for diners. It is a family restaurant as we saw 2 generations working that night. Greek servings are generous for Filipino standards. One entrée can be shared by 1.5 – 2 girls; the ratio changes when you put a guy in the equation.  We ended up bring home some of our dinner because we couldn’t finish it.  If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend dropping by Psistaria Ambrosia.

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Psistaria Ambrosia
Drakou 3-5 | Koukaki, Athens, Greece

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