My First Time to Fly with Etihad

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am a budget traveler and it’s no secret. The 2013 birthday trip was my biggest one to date in all aspects. This was the farthest I’ve ever been and the longest flight I took. It was also my first time to fly with Etihad Airways and this experience has spoiled me – oh no!

For any flight, I cannot stress this enough, do web check in. Like my Bangkok shopping trip, the web check in line was non-existent compared to the normal check in counter when I arrived in NAIA 1. 

Traveling long haul for the first time gets to you. I tried my best to sleep and I was able to sneak in a few zzzzzs but wasn’t able to sleep straight. I am thankful for the pillow and blanket that Etihad provided because it really helped me doze off. I am getting old because I can’t imagine myself sacrificing comfort for price. Remember I experienced 2 8-hour flights to travel from Manila to Athens. I had a brief stopover in Abu Dhabi.

Non-budget airline food is a complete revelation to me. I looooooved the grub we had from Manila-Athens. The Frankfurt-Manila fight wasn’t as stellar so I’ll be showing the Manila-Athens leg only.

Café Service: Warm Corned Beef Sandwich

Tin’s Breakfast: Spinach Omelette with sautéed mushrooms, ratatouille and has browns. With fruits, yoghurt, warm bread, dried mango.
Tin and I purposely chose different picks to taste more of their food. This was the vegan version and I loved it

My Breakfast: Tapsilog with garlic rice, scrambled eggs and tomato. With fruits, yoghurt, warm bread, dried mango.
Hello Tapsi my love! Etihad’s version doesn’t disappoint. They use real garlic rice and every morsel of the Tapa was scrumptious. I wasn’t able to finish my breakfast but I did eat the fruits so that’s a win for me!
My Lunch – Fusilli Pasta with mushrooms and green peppers in cream sauce.
Our lunch trays were the same except for the main course. I had the pasta dish and it was seasoned perfectly. The noodles were aldente.

Tin's Lunch – Arabic spiced minced meat tomato sauce.
Tin's rice dish was something Middle Eastern I think. Like the pasta dish, it was flavored well and made my tummy happy.

I don’t normally have slaw but Etihad’s version gave one flavorful punch after the other. It was the ideal side dish to the rice meal.

Raspberry cheesecake with chocolate cornflakes
Sweet Tooths Tin and I fell in love with our dessert! The cheesecake wasn’t as sour as typical cheesecake which I appreciated. It was a filling but light dessert, a great end to our meal.

The food featured above is for 2 flights, Manila-Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi-Athens. The amount of food was overwhelming; I should not have eaten before the flight!  I knew I was gonna get fat on this flight. Haha You really feel hungry even though you’re just seated!

You do get what you pay for. I paid a lot for this ticket but I had a fantastic experience flying with Etihad. If I get another opportunity to fly with them, I would love that reunion.

* Additional photos from Tin Samson.

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