How I scored good tickets for my 2013 Birthday Trip

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Skyscanner is a budget traveler's best friend. It collates the available tickets from various airlines. With one click you can see flight options with time, price and flight duration. Say goodbye to airline site hopping.

For the Greece, Italy and Frankfurt trip, I was monitoring Skyscanner for my flight options. I was entering Europe via Athens and going home to Manila via Frankfurt.  Though this trip has been planned for months in advance, our plans kept on changing for various reasons so I was only able to book our tickets a month before the trip. Insane right?

For a trip that close to the departure date, round trip tickets were priced easily between $1600-2000 (approximately P72,000-90.000), ouch! I was already using Skyscanner so you know those are good rates even if I used different airlines for both flights.

Out of stubbornness, I tried checking Qatar, Emirates and Etihad's websites for multiple city rates. Qatar had long layovers and was priced around $1600. Emirates' rates were at a depressing $1800++. When I checked Etihad's website I couldn’t believe my eyes - $1310.25 (approximately P58,961) for round trip tickets AND a brief layover??? Maybe this is a one way rate? I had to ask a friend to pleeeaaase search for the same flight and she got the same results. That's a five figure saving! Happy Dance.

Lesson learned. Always refer to Skyscanner but check airline websites as a wild card option. Sometimes their multiple city rates are as good as their round trip rates and booking is much easier.

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