My AirBnb flat in Florence

Monday, September 19, 2016

I had back to back AirBnb bookings for my 2013 birthday trip. After the wonderful experience in Rome, I booked another room for the Florence leg of my trip.

I had a rough start with this one to be honest. My train arrived at 8 AM and I had a 9 AM walking tour scheduled. I was supposed to get the keys, leave my stuff and head out to the tour because the previous guests were to check out at 11 AM.  The cleaning lady was supposed to meet me to give me my keys at 8 AM but she didn’t show up. I was just lucky that the American couple who were staying in my room was still there and let me in. I ended up missing my 9 AM tour because of this. Also, the apartment is on the second floor. That normally is not a problem for me but since I arrived in the morning it was dark. I also had to carry my big ass luggage all the way up alone. It took me at least 15 minutes to get to the apartment.

Once the miscommunication with my host Giada was sorted out, my stay went on smoothly. The apartment looked exactly like the AirBnb posting and definitely met my expectations. There are 2 rooms in the apartment so it is possible to share the flat with other people.

The main reason why I loved this apartment was the location. It was in the center of everything and walking distance to practically everything.
10 minute walk to the Santa Maria Novella Train Station
11 minute walk to Pointe Vecchio
12 minute walk to the Uffizi Gallery
13 minute walk to Florence Cathedral or Duomo di Firenze

I never took a bus or a cab to get around. I walked everywhere and loved it. It helped that it wasn’t that hot during my stay thus walking was delightful. Borgo Ognissanti is peppered with a lot of shops and restaurants and is well lit so going home at night is pretty safe as well.

I lost my photos of the apartment so the photos in this post are from Giada’s listing. Rest assured the photos look exactly like the apartment.

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