Wish granted: Zac Efron FanCon 2012 in Manila

Monday, October 01, 2012

* Pardon the HORRIBLE photos. They were all taken by my inferior Nokia phone. All cameras (DSLR and point and shoot) were prohibited. 

It’s no secret I’ve been crushing on Zac (post High School Musical mind you, he was too young then – eeewwww). When Penshoppe snagged him as an endorser, I knew a visit to the Philippines was inevitable. Shrieks and mad eyes came upon me on that fateful August day when I found out that Zac was coming to the Philippines. Like a perfectly crafted storyline, he was scheduled to have his Fan Conference 4 days after my birthday.
When I found out how much of Penshoppe products I had to buy, I ditched any plans of seeing him. Owee even offered to help out with purchasing a ticket for me. I haven’t bought anything from Penshoppe in ages so there. I don’t want to say anything else. =p

This year’s birthday didn’t go as planned. From an epic dream trip in another continent, downgraded to a regional trip then further downgraded to a local trip, none of them materialized. For the first time in my adult life, my birthday was a non-event. I had a chill day lounging under a tree and a family dinner at an awesome restaurant. 

However, things dramatically changed when I got wind of my birthday surprise – Zac Efron FanCon ticket! Mwahahahahahahaha My non-event of a birthday celebration suddenly became grand. Say hello to birthday treat number 3! (Ok, numbers 1 and 2 are treats I got for myself.) =)

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The line outside was insane! People lined up early even though gates opened at 6PM. 

Once inside, the organizers or the venue need to fix their rules. We were part of a confusing snake-like line waiting to enter the Arena. Once fans got wind that they were letting people in, the snake-like line collapsed and everyone rammed towards the door.  It was a stampede waiting to happen. Security started asking hundreds of people to line up properly, of course no one budged! They should have fixed the line before the doors opened. How hard is it to put those separator thingys you see in immigration (in other countries) or in the taxi line? Thank god the crowd had manners because if the audience were people who lacked manners, people could seriously get hurt. Since the event didn’t have reserve seats, people were scrambling to get good ones. Kalurky!
Wonderful seat at the Patron section.
While waiting for the program to start, they announced the 100 Meet & Greet winners.
Before Zac was introduced, the program consisted of different performances while Penshoppe videos were shown. This is Leighton’s video with La Divas singing.
A video dedicated to Gossip Girl’s Chuck and Blair.
Ian’s campaign was shot in beautiful El Nido. Olive, this is for yoooouuu!
Mario’s video was accompanied by Jay-R. He continues to amaze me when he sings and dances. 

Finally, Zac’s video! Kudos to Penshoppe for producing such amazing videos. The footage from the shoots was all spectacular. 

The UP Pep Squad performed music from High School Musical.

The big reveal!

He walked the runway and said hello to the fans. 

Uhm, hi! So, what are you gonna do on stage???

He was interviewed by Boy Abunda even though GMA was a sponsor.
Notice something missing? Mid interview he stood up, went to the end of the runway and threw his jacket to the crowd.

Tito Boy wasn’t a very good host. He wasn’t attentive (his first question and third question were the same) and he asked inappropriate questions (What was Zac feeling filming the love scene in The Lucky One? Hello, kids were present!)
Cute. Mwahahahaha

He’s known to be a genuine person which I love. However that night, he was a hard sell. He said he loved the Philippines, Pinays and his fans waaaaaay too much that it came off as insincere and fake. 

When the fans were given a chance to give him a message, all they did was tell him they loved him and asked for kisses or a hug. Que grabe. They were all under 15. 

His final walk and the end of the program.
Zac taking a photo/video of the crowd.

Zac times 7.

To be honest, I was disappointed. I wanted him to do more! Before the FanCon I was saying he better dance or else it wouldn’t be worth it. If I paid for my ticket I would be bitter but since it was a generous gift, I loved the FanCon. It was once in a lifetime experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. Au revoir Mr. Efron! You made so many girls and gays smile!

Muchas gracias to youuuuu, you know who you are!!!! =) 

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