A Rome Travel Guide

Monday, June 27, 2016

Greece was the main focus of my trip and anything that happened after it was a bonus. I didn’t have any expectations in Rome but I really enjoyed my stay here. Is Rome a city I would go back to? Definitely! 

Where to Stay:
Beautiful apartment via Airbnb

Other hotel options

Where to eat:
I honestly didn’t go blogger mode while eating in Rome but I had my fill of pizza, pasta, gelato and of course vino. I actually drank more wine than eating gelato because it wasn’t the warmest of weathers when I visited. Before heading to Rome I came across an article helping spot REAL and FAKE gelato from Shoot First Eat Later.

Fake Gelato

Here’s how you can spot fake gelato:
1. Color – it shouldn’t be bright. Real gelato uses natural ingredients.
2. Shape – if it looks like the photo above, that’s fake. Real gelato can’t hold shape like that.
3. Ingredients List – They should have a list on display, if they don’t that not good. If you see “E and a number” (example. E42) those are natural additives. If it doesn’t have that, those are artificial additives.
4. Cement like bags in the vicinity – If you see bags with names of flavors it is obviously fake gelato. 

What to do:
Visit the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palestine Hill

Shop at Campo de Fiori

Pay homage to the Vatican

Flea market shopping at Porta Portese

See how the locals live in Trastevere

Take a Free Walking Tour

Free Things To Do in Rome


And there you go, the complete suggestion list for visiting Roma. I had an awesome time at the historical Italian city and loved my stay here. I hope you do as well!

The Rome leg is part of the 2013 Birthday Trip. Check out the itinerary here. The rest of my Rome posts are here:
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For other hotel options in Rome, click here

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