A free tour of Rome’s vibrant Trastevere neighborhood

Monday, June 20, 2016

You might be surprised to hear about Trastevere when talking about Rome. It’s not as top of my mind as the Colosseum, Vatican or the Spanish Steps. I first encountered it when I was looking for accommodations on AirBnb and liked the neighborhood. It had a lot of history and had the vibe of the Rome of today. I liked that it was current, lively, and artsy. You get to see firsthand how the locals live.

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I was just lucky that I was interested in this neighborhood and it just so happens that Rick Steves offered a free audio guide and map of it. The whole tour is less than a kilometer and the audio guide is around 26 minutes.
Trastevere literally means “across the Tiber River”. You begin the tour at the Cestio Fabricio Bridge and this is your view.
There are a lot of tips from the guide. It was just unfortunate when we did our walk; Sora Mirella and Church of St. Cecila were both closed. Sora Mirella is a famous stall in Trastevere selling shaved ice with fruit syrup and chopped fruit. It would have been the perfect snack while we were doing the tour.
Church of St. Cecila sounded extremely stunning in the audio guide. Too bad we weren’t able to go inside. St. Cecilia is the patron saint for music and singers.
Say hello to the quieter back lanes of Rome.
More photos of the neighborhood.
A lot of locals hang out along Via Lungaretta and Piazza Santa Maria for lunch, dinner, and drinks. From the quiet back lanes, we move on to the active part of the neighborhood.
The fountain is the official Trastevere “tambayan”.
From the outside, you’d never expect that The Basilica of Santa Maria would have so much detail inside.
What to do after the walking tour? Drink!

We had another tour right after our Trastevere tour which is why we had to rush out of the neighborhood. If we didn’t, I would have loved to stay longer and check out the other restaurants and people watch of course.

Is Trastevere a neighborhood you’d want to visit in Rome?

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