Money saving tip: Take the New Rome Free Tour

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

This epic birthday trip opened my eyes to numerous things including free tours. I never knew they existed. I decided to take the New Rome Free Tour (NRFT) because it was the top rated walking tour on Trip Advisor. Here are more reasons to take this tour and a few tips as well. 

I didn’t want to think
That sounds absurdly awful but it gets exhausting planning for a multi-leg trip for 24 days ALONE. By being part of a tour, you don’t have to think of your itinerary, route, and all that. You get to enjoy walking through the popular sites without worrying about getting lost.

They only use licensed guides 

Some people may think that because this is a free tour, you may not get quality guides. On the contrary! Stefano our tour guide handled our group of 40 easily and was completely warm and bubbly the whole time. It even drizzled during our tour but that didn’t slow him down. Stefano also had a mic on him which helped considering we were a big group in populated areas.

It’s a good overview 

Take the tour on your first few days in Rome so that you can get familiar with the city. You can always go back to the sites you visited on another day if you want to linger and take more photos.

You get to meet new people 

I went with my HS friend Abi and her husband Gen. I wasn’t expecting to meet anyone else but we got chatted by this older gentleman when he heard we were from the Philippines! He was linguist and likes studying languages. He was generous enough to allow me to shoot him reciting a Filipino poem. Pretty cool.

You need to register to be part of the tour 

Some of the free walking tours I’ve been on will ask you to just come to the meeting place. For NRFT you will need to register to reserve a slot.

It is crowded AF 

Want an awesome solo photo? Expect to be photobombed. Good luck trying to get your moment. You will see Rome’s famous landmarks and it never runs out of people.

NRFT is a tour with a purpose. 

They offer numerous paid tours as well. This particular free tour’s earnings are given to their beneficiary. So PLEASE be generous when you tip.

New Rome Free Tour
Daily Tours at 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM
Visit this link to see the tour route.


I am a fan of free tours because it is honestly affordable and I love to learn. Tours can get expensive in Rome so having an opportunity like this is a blessing. Tip well because NRFT offers quality tours.

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