Snapshots from Rome’s Campo de Fiori

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Campo de Fiori was the first market I encountered in the Italy part of my trip. You can find the market in Piazza Navona in Rome. It is in a vibrant shopping area with gorgeous architecture surrounding it. This flea market has been around since 1869. It is open Mondays to Saturdays from 7:00 AM – 1:30 PM. My senses went into overload with all the food and Italian wares for sale. I stopped myself from buying food for pasalubong since this was just the beginning of the trip! I had 2 weeks more to go and the items wouldn’t survive the trip back home. Most of the items here are food and knick knacks at touristy prices. I regretted not buying an espresso maker which was available in an abundance of hues. I visited the market on my way to the Vatican on foot. There were a lot of locals also buying at Campo de Fiori which is a good sign. Would I recommend visiting the flea market? Definitely. It’s nice to see how the locals shop and if you don’t buy anything, you’ll love taking photos anyway.

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