4 Lifestyle Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Monday, April 07, 2014

I am a late IGer, I only opened an account last year. It has opened my world to a diverse spectrum of people and visuals. I like discovering people on IG with the same interests. Their images serve as a reminder and inspiration for me.

This is the first of a series. I follow some IG accounts that are worth sharing. This first installment features Lifestyle IG accounts.

I like seeing France in the eyes of Aurélie. I love her photos of vintage finds especially the cars and scooters! Her photos make me feel like I’m still roaming the streets of Europe filled with architecture and beauty.


I’m not a girly girl, I don’t LOVE pink but I don’t hate it either. You just won’t see me all decked out in that particular color. Ramona’s photos exude the quintessential girly girl living in pastels and of course, pink. For some odd reason, I love her photos despite having a Switzerland relationship with pink.


Lichi is an Architecture student based in Germany. I love how minimalistic her aesthetic is with the occasional pop of color. She makes simple things like breakfast radiate sunshine even if it was shot on white. Her photos also have a muted feel which is the opposite of HLP but it’s a technique that I grasp and adore.


Solely based on her photos and without reading her profile, I had a feeling Genewa was Aussie. Her photos scream of bright hues, nature and the sun. I don’t follow a lot of fashion blogs or IG accounts but I appreciate her posts. Her style isn’t contrived and her outfits look like didn’t-make-an-effort-but-looks-fab. She also has a lot of DIY posts on her blog which are easy to do.

I want to be inspired more! Leave a comment below for other IG accounts I should follow. 

* All photos from the respective IG accounts.

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